Burudu's Latest Single Blends Traditional Instrumentation & A Modern Groove

Burudu's Latest Single Blends Traditional Instrumentation & A Modern Groove

Indian Electronic music has become a much-loved genre because of its pumped-up vibe, that constantly bridges the gap between a traditional indie sound and mainstream electronica. Bringing forth a modern-day twist to electronic music, NY-based Indian electronica duo Burudu revives Amir Khusrau’s poem in their new release, ‘Zehaal-E-Miskeen’.

One of the most loved writings of the Sufi poet, Burudu’s modern-day qawwali features the arresting voice of Indian classical vocalist Sukanya Chattopadhyay. The genre-defining track is crafted in a way that preserves the timelessness of the ‘ghazal’ which has been popularized by qawwali singing for centuries.

A beautiful rendition of diverse sonic textures, the track takes the audience through a world of emotions that range from romantic and mystic, foreign and familiar, raw and refined, amplified by the melodious voice of Sukanya Chattopadhyay and a bevvy of instruments like the tabla, sarangi, oud and cümbüş that seamlessly complements the production.

Highlighting the original work’s complexity, the gazal enmeshes two drastically verbal traditions; the court Persian Khusrau used to compose formal verse known as Brij Bhasha and the language of common folk that Khusrau used for songs about seasons and festivals. A familiar tune strung around the hearts of the diasporic community, the track seems to hold personal connotation for the artists, who aspired to pay tribute to the timeless epic.

“We were initially drawn in because of the coming together of the two languages in the poem. We didn’t understand half the words but it was phonetically beautiful and assertive, and once we understood its true meaning, to us it became even more powerful.’’   

— Burudu on their decision to focus on Zehaal.

The song has also been used on the soundtrack of ‘Beyond the Light’, the recently released fashion film by Mumbai-based couturiers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla.

You can listen to the track here.

View the artists here.

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