Cards For Humanity Brings Together Playfulness & Positivity

Cards For Humanity Brings Together Playfulness & Positivity

It is said that a little kindness goes a long way. In a situation where the world is battling a pandemic and all its inhabitants are victims to an unprecedented situation, some kindness will not only go a long way but will also prove to be a factor that can change someone’s not-so-happy circumstance.

Packing all the goodness, warmth, and niceness into an engaging card game, architects Saloni and Hiren Ganatara came up with the idea of ‘Cards For Humanity’. Considering it ‘a social game for the new normal’, the duo translated kind deeds and introspective activities into a deck of cards! They say that the process targets the core need of giving back in the smallest yet most rewarding ways.

The three powerful tenets of Cards For Humanity are positive habit building, conscious living, and giving back to the world. Each card contains a deed and on its completion, you are awarded a Heart Point. These points let you collectively assess your mood and headspace whilst you contribute to spreading joy. Persisting forward with the theme of kindness, Saloni and Hiren decided to contribute the proceeds from this initiative to Saturday Art Class, a not-for-profit social organisation that operates in the education sector and encourages underprivileged children to explore different forms of art.

Another distinguished aspect of Cards Of Humanity is that each of its cards is clad in artwork made by 50 curated artists — all unique, meaningful and beyond special. The team says, “What makes the collaboration unique is the signature artwork 50 creative individuals from various backgrounds have contributed that each resonates with their personalised positive deeds.” While each card is a sight for sore eyes, it also serves as a reminder that the deed that accompanies it, is personal to someone else, making the process a whole lot more valuable.

The deck includes deeds such as ‘Step out or simply pause to breathe deep and then resume the activity you’re doing’, ‘Write a thank you note for someone you want to express gratitude towards,’ and ‘Consciously segregate waste and make your impact on the planet a more sensitive one’. While some may cater to your personal well-being and positive thinking, others have the capacity to get you to share the same with those who surround you. Not just that, some even get you to be kinder to the environment!

Saloni’s and Hiren’s elaborate initiative shines a light on just how important acts of kindness are to them, and should be for us too. We are living in a time that is highly temperamental and could use some sort of positivity going around. Being kind and spreading more of what you would like to receive shouldn’t be taxing and with Cards For Humanity, it is more enjoyable than ever. In a way, Cards For Humanity blends the two things we desperately need in this pandemic-induced quarantine situation— playfulness and positivity.

Get your deck of Cards For Humanity here!

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