Cartel Madras - A Diasporic Female Duo Slaying Patriarchy Through Trap Music

Credit - Cartel Madras
Credit - Cartel Madras

“Bitch, I’m Bad, I’m Brown, I’m Gold.”

With a view to capture the hearts and empower the underdogs, the people of colour, the LGBTQ community, women and immigrants. Currently signed to Sub Pop records (international) and Royal Mountain Records (Canada) – Goonda Gold by Cartel Madras epitomises diasporic Indian trap in it’s finest. It exudes gangster and badass, in lay man’s terms. This could just very well be the next upcoming brown girl anthem. Avidly portraying everything that Indian patriarchy aims to suppress. Loud, rash, unladylike call it what you want - the video signifies the rise of feminism, women empowerment and inclusivity. The scene unfolds to showcase Cartel Madras, followed by a spray of equally intimidating yet, buoyantly ferocious women who have ornate golden jewellery stacked. It showcases the newly emerging era of feminists wrapped and packaged in a grainy aesthetic.

Their lipstick, just the right touch of rebellious. The girls each different shade of caramel, fused together with the rich heritage of South Indian culture. Goonda Gold embodies the coming of a new age, an age where women aren’t afraid of political/social biases that often surface either to demotivate or suppress them. It captures the modern essence of womanhood. The video symbolises a crusade of belligerent brown women getting ready for an armed encounter. Making use of musical Indian elements and beats and imbibing trap showcases art in it’s true form – This song is a part of Carter Madras’ debut Sub Pop EP, Age of the Goonda, scheduled to release on the 1st of November.

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