Catch Kumail Perform His Breakout Album Yasmin Live At Antisocial Mumbai

Catch Kumail Perform His Breakout Album Yasmin Live At Antisocial Mumbai

Since the coronavirus pandemic swept the world in March last year making concerts and live gigs a sad relic of a time before social-distancing, the only thing that came close to the thrills of live music was the trend of virtual performances that could be enjoyed from the comforts of our sofas. But after a year spent in safe distance, the music industry is opening up to live performances (with safety measures, of course). Performing live with his bend for the first time since NH7 weekender 2019 this Thursday, 25 February is Kumail, who will be performing his 2019 breakout album, Yasmin, for the first time in its entirety at Antisocial, Mumbai.

“Yasmin was a really crucial moment for me. So much was changing in my personal and professional life, and it felt huge to take a risk and completely change the style of music I wanted to make. I can’t wait to perform it live to show you how the album was meant to be experienced,” said Kumail in a newsletter to his listeners.

The set-list for his band includes Harshvardhan Gadhvi on guitar, Nathan Thomas on bass, and Jeremy D’souza on drums. The show will also include live visuals by critically acclaimed photographer and visual artist Parizad D who is also behind the artwork for Yasmin. The opening and closing of the show will have Kumail DJ back-to-back with his close friend and collaborator, NATE08.

For two lucky advance ticket holders, this could also result in an opportunity to win hand-painted copies of test pressings of Yasmin by Kumail, of which there are only 5 in existence. There will also be limited copies of Yasmin on high-quality vinyl on sale exclusively at the show.

You can book tickets for the gig here.

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