Create Your Own Signature Scent With 3003BC’s AI-Powered Bespoke Perfumery

Create Your Own Signature Scent With 3003BC’s AI-Powered Bespoke Perfumery

There’s something personal yet deeply impactful about figuring out one’s personal fragrance. In a market that offers an abundance of sensory experiences, it can be quite daunting to commit to a particular scent that you can call your own.

The best scents are usually the ones that help you connect with a cherished memory, a sensory ode to natural elements or even an artisanal experiment that leave your spirits and feelings elevated at the end of the day. While fragrances are subjective, we can all agree that the best kind of perfumes are the ones with a story to tell; that set the tone and complements one’s individuality.

In a world spoilt for choice, 3003BC Perfumery offers a new-age luxury perfumery experience that is tailored completely keeping in mind your preferences and helping you find your signature scent. Inspired by the oldest known memory of perfumes, dating back to the Mesopotamian Civilisation (3003BC), the brand was launched in 2017. Aiming to create a meaningful community for perfume lovers, they are committed to helping people enrich their knowledge, embark on their journey of perfume discovery, and own and gift the elixirs of joy in a bottle.

Using an integrated machine learning platform, they offer a quiz to find your personal scent by taking into account multiple parameters to create a unique creation for every individual. Their first-of-its-kind algorithm enables you to create a unique formula based on your preferred scents and provides information about the notes (ingredients) of the final product.

As a tribute to the fragrances deeply associated with one’s memory, the brand has formulated unique fragrance compositions based on the psychographic profiles of people and is perhaps the only brand providing this unique experience when it comes to bespoke luxury fragrance experiences.

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