Create Your Own Sushi Rolls With Chefling’s DIY Kits

Create Your Own Sushi Rolls With Chefling’s DIY Kits
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Earlier this year, somewhere in the expanse of the internet, I stumbled across the poem, Kitchen Dance Sonnet, though I could not find the poet behind it, it had me meditating on food being a love language and on how despite the world around us ending, we find ourselves taking refuge in our kitchens; trying to cook meals for the ones we love.

The lines of the poem go something like this: The world is crumbling around us always but tonight I am making dinner for you/ Tomorrow they will tell us ten more terrible things that happened overnight, but tonight I am making dinner/ Tonight the kitchen smells of lemons and garlic/ Tonight I love everything.

Food is more than just the ingredients, it binds together memories of moments, of loved ones and emotions. It is joy, laughter, conversations and abundance, there are some dishes that one makes just for the joy of sharing it.

Extending the warmth and joy of sharing food and making meals together is Mumbai-based entrepreneur Rounit Gambhir who started ‘Chefling’ in the lockdown to present people with a personalized state-of-the-art gourmet experience that was fun, delicious, and light on the pocket.

The idea was simple — he wanted to uncomplicate fancy cuisines, for those who love to eat but don’t have the time to cook. Offering a unique culinary experience, Chefling offers the art of DIY cooking with Cook-it-Yourself Kits that have step-by-step instructions. They offer a range of sushi kits that you can choose from, whether it is the 5-kit bundle, the 10-kit bundle or the 15-kit bundle with a variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

So if you’re someone who loves sushi, it would make for a great little fun thing to do with your besties or even your family. After all, food is a universal love language.

Know more about their CIY sushi kits here.

Check out their Instagram here.

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