Curry Of Duck & Bhatura Bites: Here Are 15 Of The Most Exquisitely Reimagined Indian Dishes

India has been making its presence felt over the past decade more than ever across the gastronomical map. Initially gaining momentum with its trademark chicken tikka masalas, tandoori chicken and biryanis, we, at Homegrown, were delighted to note that the growing interest has started moving past just these signature dishes. Goan food like chicken vindaloo, Gujarati munchies, Rajasthani fare and even Parsi food have carved a niche for themselves all over the world and Indian food is, thankfully, no longer a reflexive association abroad with running to the bathroom a day later. Surveys conducted by Food Network UK reflect that the chicken tikka masala has made itself comfortable in Britain’s staple food, with the dish even being declared the UK’s national dish.
As the world falls voluntary prey to our flavours and spices, we got thinking about how creative chefs have attempted to draw out even more from the Indian cuisine experience. Some of these are such simple reinventions of traditional Indian dishes that we wouldn’t blink an eye if we passed them at a street food stall, like a Schezwan dosa. But some are pretty spectacular culinary feats. Here’s a look at some of the most creative reinventions of Indian food:

I. The Ginger Pig Bacon Roll


II. Papdi Chaat

finedinign lovers - papdi chaat

III. Mango snowball


IV. Masala poached plum, Shrikhand Cheesecake and Almond Biscuit


V. Curry of duck, semolina halwa and smoked turnip


VI. Chaat Fries

penne tikka masala

VII. Tandoori Chicken Naan Pizza


VIII. Fish Tikka Tacos


IX. Cherry Tomato Chutney Over Grilled Chicken


X. Taco Chaat


XI. Schezwan Dosa


XII. Paani Puri Vodka Shots


XIII. Naan Burrito


XIV. Pav Bhaji Fondue


XV. Bhatura Bites With Avocado Kachumbar

“Mushy on top And a crunch ‘neath, A snack of sorts Inspired by the streets Easy & fresh Lighter on the tum, Step aside samosa This is my new yum..”

Investment banker turned chef, New York-based
is the ridiculously creative chef behind this delectable, street-inspired starter. And while it might be her artistic flair for presentation that’s gotten her recipes noticed by everything from The Huffington Post Taste to Food52, we couldn’t help but drool at her ability to innovate with traditional indian recipes to create tapas out of them.
Image Credit - chefsuchi.files.wordpress
ords: Aditi Dharmadhikari

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