Decoding the Art Of Sneaker Customisation With Sanaya Irani Aka Brushtler

Decoding the Art Of Sneaker Customisation With Sanaya Irani Aka Brushtler

The art of customisation is nothing new to the fashion industry. The art is widely acclaimed for the innate individuality it melds with silhouettes to showcase the personality and expression that is unique to you.

An absolute delight for any fashion or art connoisseur. Whether you’re looking at your favourite Dior customised totes or the custom pair of Jordans on your Pinterest mood board, the customisation trend seems to be going viral all around the world.

Along with high fashion, customisation seems to be catching up in the streetwear realm as well. With a growing fanbase for sneakerheads in the country, the art of customising sneakers is the latest trend catching our eye. Ever wonder about the coolest sneaker artists dominating the current creative space?

Let’s take a deep dive into an emerging custom artist who’s giving a facelift to some of your favourite kicks.

A passionate artist, an advocate of experimentation and a go-getter, Sanaya Irani aka Brushtlerartist is a customisation artist who is making her mark on the homegrown sneaker world.

The young artist who hails from Mumbai recalls her passion as second nature that set in early. Upon enrolling into college, Sanaya found her art to be widely appreciated and thus pushed forward in pursuing her passion seriously.

As an illustrator and artist, she capitalised on her natural inclination towards art by doing commissioned paintings, artworks, and makeup! What many of us don’t know is that the young creative is just as good with the winged eyeliner as she is with the easel and paints.

Across her journey of exploring and experiencing a variety of mediums, Sanaya took to sneakers and there’s been no looking back since then!

Her Instagram feels like an art journal that showcases a vast array of extensive customisation and production processes. From anime-inspired air forces to hip-hop legends painted on limited edition Jordans, she does it all.

“Custom sneakers have slowly made their way to the mainstream as they make for the perfect gift and addition to your wardrobe. What makes them stand out is the uniqueness and sheer personal touch they add to your wardrobe. It’s almost like owning a piece of art. Admittedly it’s a pricey form of art but there are people who save up to give their prized pair of kicks a vibrant makeover that is totally worth it.”

— Sanaya Irani

She constantly finds herself breaking the monotony and experiments with an array of colour mediums like acrylics, oil paints, and leather paints as well. From bags, belts, and sneakers to paint; the young creative uses her paintbrush to weave magic onto almost everything. An active member of the growing network of Homegrown artists, Sanaya draws inspiration from her peers and the bustling art circuit she is now very much a part of.

If the beaters in your closet are staring right back at you, we suggest it’s time to indulge in some custom kicks and own a piece of wearable art this season!

Check out her work here.

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