Delhi, We're Throwing Parties Across 4 Abandoned Warehouses This Sunday - Turn Up!

Delhi, We're Throwing Parties Across 4 Abandoned Warehouses This Sunday - Turn Up!

There’s a movement stirring, a homecoming underway, and there’s no time like the present. On March 18th, it’s all culminating in a one-day lifestyle festival of bleeding edge art, fashion and music–a space dedicated solely to sneaker and street culture in India. A space we’re calling HGStreet.

Pivotal moments started dotting India’s lifestyle and culture landscape with surprising frequency–a growing number of skate parks, the rise of the Superstars, Delhi’s VegNonVeg for the veritable sneakerhead, the explosion of gully hip hop, fresh streetwear brands that challenged the status quo of a flailing fashion industry, and the fact that mainstream media was finally starting to listen to these underrepresented voices over the last few years. This rapid emergence and intermingling of sub-cultures (with a uniquely Indian identity) have always been something we’ve championed as Homegrown, and now, we’re extremely excited and proud to invite you to find your place in this thriving new ecosystem.

Unlike anything you’ve experienced before, we’ve packed a whole lot of punch into one day. Believe the hype because, over 14 hours, we’re taking over 8 warehouses in the national capital to showcase the absolute best from the world of street and sneaker culture. The world’s largest travelling sneaker exhibit, Sneaker Pimps; street cast ‘models’ for fashion shows in alleyways with homegrown streetwear labels such as Nixon Bui, Vardi, BOBO, Capsul, and RAD, custom-painted skate ramps; cutting-edge brand labs with showcases by all major shoe labels; live art and installations; rapper hunt contests; breakdance battles; the best musical talent (local and international); and exclusive after-parties.

Four, to be precise.

As the sun sets on #HGStreet, let your hair down and come acknowledge every Indian sub-culture that’s dared to keep things fresh. We’ve got an incredible line-up as artists like DJ Neil Armstrong (Jay Z’s touring DJ from 2008 to 2010), Natasha Diggs (Eyrkah Badu’s touring DJ), powerhouse performer and ‘daughter of the king’ Rajakumari, Delhi’s local hip-hop hero Prabh Deep, and British Grime music composer and performer Preditah taking over five stages, simultaneously. It’s a jungle out there, an urban jungle to be precise, as we transform these four warehouses in Delhi’s Dhan Mill Compound into unrecognisable spaces. An immersive experience, this is street culture’s homecoming.

And we’re celebrating until the wee hours of the morning. Join us.

Tickets are live on Insider, get yours now.

When: March 18

Where: Dhan Mill Compound

Price: Rs. 1,200

Timings: 12PM - 12AM