Munching Our Way Through Mumbai Post Midnight

Munching Our Way Through Mumbai Post Midnight

Mumbai is famously known as the city that never sleeps; although the corollary to that would be that it is the city-that-doesn’t-want-to-sleep-but-has-to-because-cops. The rules state that every Mumbaikar should be tucked into bed by 1.30 am - be it your birthday, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve or any similar event that threatens to contaminate the moral bedrock of the country.

However, despite the crackdown, there are a few places that by crook or by crook stay open well past the 1.30 am deadline, if only to satiate those post midnight hunger-pangs, most often brought on by a case of binge drinking. In honour of the upcoming inebriation this weekend, and all the others up until the new year promises, we take a look some of the best eateries that stay open until dawn. Whether you’re looking for a post-party hangover cure or just a good old-fashioned midnight snack, these places are exactly what a very bad doctor ordered.

I. Bademiya, Colaba

One of the first places that springs to mind is definitely this iconic roadside food joint. As the seating arrangements are inadequate, a car is a must.


Open Till: 4 am.

Best known for: Both veg and non-veg rolls.

What you’re getting: The Mutton/ Chicken Baida Roti. It’s soft, it’s succulent and entirely filling. Not to mention the perfect thing to put you to bed after a long night out. The only problem is it might wake you up earlier than you’d have liked too. More information here. 

Cost for 2: It won’t hurt you or your wallet too much @ Rs. 700

II. Ayub’s, Fort

This cheaper, quieter version of Bademiya, serves almost the same kind of food they do at a slightly reduced price and offers a little more privacy for those who’d like to avoid a brash, drunken crowd.

Open Till: 4 am.

Best known for: Rolls and North Indian food.

What you’re getting: Roasted Mushroom Tikka if you just want to snack, a Dum biryani (Veg. or Non Veg.) if you’re looking to go to town. More information here. 

Cost for 2: It’s alright if you blew most of your money on alcohol @ Rs. 300

III. Bachelor’s, Marine Drive

A famous roadside ice-cream parlour, it offers no seating arrangements either. There will be waiters hovering around the designated parking area, helping you park your car and then shoving laminated menu cards in your faces before returning with your order within record time. Unless it happens to be a weekend of course, in which case, good luck finding that parking slot.

Open Till: 4 am.

Best known for: Ice-creams and milkshakes/juices.

What you’re getting: Their spicy chilly flavoured ice-cream if you’re feeling adventurous enough. And any of their milkshakes. More information here. 

Cost for 2: Totally worth your money and inebriation @ Rs. 400

IV. Mogal Sarai, Bandra

Located near Bandra station, the restaurant is pretty much open all night, serving cheap but tasty mughlai food to its patrons.


Open Till: 4 am (sometimes 6)

Best known for: North Indian/ Mughlai food and milkshakes.

What you’re getting: Any, and we do mean any of their rolls are to die for. More information here. 

Cost for 2: It doesn’t matter when it’s 4 a.m. @ Rs. 800

V. Sigdi, Bandra

Yeah, we know. Rolls are becoming something of a trend here but take it up with the city’s patrons if you must. While this three-storied restaurant in Bandra shuts down shop by 1.30 a.m. , its take-out section is open till as much as 7 am. So if you’re looking for a quick bite in your car on your way home, or if you just want to order food for a house party, this is your place. Better still, it’s cheaper than all the other options we’ve listed out thus far.

Open Till: 7 am (Only take-out)

Best known for: Rolls for under Rs. 100 each.

What you’re getting: The only roll very few others do--their butter chicken roll which comes wrapped in a soft, flaky and warm roomali roti. If not, the prawn roll is a guaranteed good bite too. More information here. 

Cost for 2: Go ahead and “splurge” @ Rs. 400

VI. Amar Juice Centre, Vile Parle

Whether you’re a vegetarian or simply in the mood for non-vegetarian food, welcome to late night paradise. The place offers a huge number of veg-food options, to go with juices and shakes of course. Again, no seating arrangements and a car is pretty much essential.

Open Till: 2-3 am.

Best known for: Pav Bhaji and Dosas.

What you’re getting: Pav Bhaji & Dosas. More information here. 

VII. Zaffran, CST

It might look tawdry from the outside, but Zaffran is one of the finest mughlai restaurants in the city that just happens to have expanded their menu to include fantastic Chinese and Italian options as well. It’s the only place we can think of that would serve pink salmon tikka, chicken a la kiev and rogan josh with the same confidence and actually manage to not disappoint! Of course, the prices are more than a little steep for some ranging up to 3-400 rupees per dish.


Open Till: 4 am.

Best known for: Mughlai Food and Kebabs

What you’re getting: Something in between a Saffron Mushroom Asparagus risotto and a gosht biryani? Word of advice--don’t go here when you’re high, you’ll either end up ordering everything or never being able to choose. More information here. 

Cost for 2: Hopefully, you didn’t spend all your money on alcohol @ Rs. 800

VIII. Haji Ali Juice Centre, Mahalaxmi

Although this joint has a few tables, it’s almost always full; therefore it advisable to take the car and have menu cards shoved in your face. The desserts and juices here are second to none.

Open Till: 3-4 am.

Best known for: Juices and a variety of desserts.

What you’re getting: This is a great place to think seasonally. If it’s winter, strawberries and cream. If it’s summer, mangoes and cream. Simple. We’ve never gotten around to moving past these two items to be perfectly honest. More information here. 

IX. Mini Punjab, Bandra

Mini Punjab is another restaurant in Bandra that dutifully shuts shop at 1.30 but slyly continues to give out take-outs well into the night. Prices here are a little steep as compared to other places, though.


Open Till: 2-3 am.

Best known for: Rolls and Naans.

What you’re getting: Since we’ve mentioned every kind of roll already, just have a nice, hot, dripping-with-butter naan. Keeps all the demons at bay. But if you want our real recommendation it’s the butter chicken or butter paneer roll every single time. More information here. 

Cost for 2: Slightly pricey but like everything else on this list, it doesn’t matter when it’s that late in the morning @ Rs. 900

X. Kareems, Juhu

I think by now we can all agree that some wise person out there discovered that Mughlai food was the one thing everybody would be able to agree on when the hunger demons set in, in the middle of the night. So here we are with this Juhu joint that stays open well into the night offering all sorts of Mughlai & Indian dishes. Once again.

Open Till: 4 am

Best Known for: Kebabs

What you’re getting: Mughlai, Tandoori chicken. More information here. 

Cost for 2: So worth it @ Rs. 600

XII. Sagar Chinese, Juhu

Sagar chinese is well known in the suburbs not only because it’s next to Amitabh Bachan’s house but also because the chopper rice and Triple schezwan rice is something to write home about. It’s one of those places you can mark out for an agino moto fix post a long night of drinking.

Open till: 4.30 a.m.

Best known for: Triple Schezwan Rice

What you’re getting: Triple Schezwan fried rice, Chilli Chicken, Hot & Sour Soup equals 100% satisfaction and . More information here. 

Cost for 2: Insanely reasonable @Rs. 450

XIII. Ice & Rolls, Juhu

This place is open throughout the day too and is a famous hangout spot outside Mithibai & NM college. By night, it transforms into a late night snack point for most people in the area and weary travellers. Keep in mind that most things are Veg but it does do the job for your late night hunger pangs with a wide selection of shakes, rolls & sandwiches.

Open till: 3 am. Longer if our cops don’t annoy them.

What you’re getting: Oreo & Kit Kat shake, Paneer roll, chilli cheese sandwich. More information here. 

Cost for 2: Don’t worry, this isn’t a typo @ Rs. 300

XIV. The Light of Asia, Fort

Another century old restaurant which is known for its kheema pao and chai by the people who work in that area of town, this one is a real landmark. The chai is perfectly milky and the chicken tikka is just perfect for a late night snack. Spicy and just what  you need to settle you down at night, then wake you up in the morning for work!

Open till: 2 am.  But open till early morning behind the shutters. ;)

What you’re getting: Paya, Chicken tikka fried rice, Butter chicken & Chai but not all together of course. More information here. 

Cost for 2: Totally worth it @ Rs. 650

XV. Adarsh Annapoorna

This place was set up after being inspired by the 1992 riots where the owner saw people taking refuge in the Taj to eat. This vegetarian space is inside Hotel Adarsh, so it has the permission to be open till whatever time they like.

Open till: All hours.

What you’re getting: Makke ki roti, Sarso ki Saag and anything mughlai & chinese will suffice obviously. More information here. 

Cost for 2: You won’t even feel the difference in your wallet @ Rs. 650

XVI. Apna Dhaba, Andheri East

Apna Dhaba offers multi cuisine fare with a North Indian twist and stays open till 6:30 in the morning, which is why it warrants itself a place in this list. Their kebab platter is your answer to inebriated hunger pangs. But if Indian isn’t your thing, their Chinese with a liberal sprinkling of Indian goodness will do for you.

 Open till: 6:30 am

Best known for: The Kebab Platter

What you’re getting: Kadak Romali Roti Masala - a massive fire-baked romaji roti, topped with a spicy concoction of herbs and tomatoes. 

Cost for 2: You got this @ Rs. 600

XVII. Jantar Mantar, Juhu

Go here on a night you’re drunkenly craving quality, value for money and authentic North Indian grub. Jantar Mantar is exclusively a take-out/delivery restaurant, but it pleases both the belly and the pocket. No matter what time you walk in, you’re likely to witness at least 5 chefs cooking up a storm, which to us, speaks volumes about the popularity of this little spot.

Open till: 2:30 pm

Best known for: Selection of biryanis and kebabs

What you’re getting: Literally anything on the menu.

Cost for 2: A wee bit pricey but hopefully, you’ll forget about it @ Rs. 1000

Apart from the restaurants and eateries, there are also a few 24 hour medicals that sell junk food, chocolates and soft drinks, helping you get rid of the midnight muchies. We thought we’d compile a list of the more notable ones for you as honourable mentions:
Noble Chemists: Charni Road, Ghatkopar, Santacruz.
Wellness: Bandra
Apollo Chemists: Bandra
Mahalaxmi Medical: Goregaon
Life – n – care: Dadar
Mohan Medical: 7 bungalows , 4 Bungalows & Lokhandwala
And if you’re one of the lazy people that refuse to move their ass from the couch, there’s an alternative for you too. A website called delivers a variety of salads, rolls, burgers and sandwiches right at your doorstep. They currently operate till 4 am, but their website says that they soon plan to launch a 24x7 delivery service. Yep, got to love the bloody internet. And if not, there’s also Hot Rocks, Mumbai’s other cure to midnight munchies.

Any other places that you know and have been to in the middle of the night? For the sake of humanity, do let us know in the comments section below. 

[We’ve also ‘Devouring at Dawn Vol II: 15 More Places for Night Owls With the Munchies’ waiting for you whenever you’ve exhausted this first round of options so rest easy this weekend knowing you’re spoilt for choice.]

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