Dive Into South Asian Artist Zoya’s Genre-Shifting Musical Journey

Dive Into South Asian Artist Zoya’s Genre-Shifting Musical Journey

For most young artists of the new age, who are always on a path of exploration and experimentation, entire genre shifts aren’t new. Willing to explore newer realms and sonic landscapes, they often dabble across mediums and genres to stay true to their musical calling. The only way to define them is — bold, curious and excitable.

Singer-songwriter, guitarist, and music business entrepreneur Zoya is no different in this sense, having forayed into indie folk, she is now on the path to becoming a pop star. At the intersection of two cultures, having been born in India and living in the States (California), she is not afraid to borrow elements from the two different worlds of music to create sounds that are unique to her.

Zoya’s artistic and musical journey in essence started through Indian dance, along with ballet, belly-dancing and hip-hop. With that, her interest in painting sparked an interest in the world of the visual arts, with all of this eventually leading her to the realisation of her love for creating music. At the age of just 12, she began writing melodies and lyrics by the little river a little away from her neighbourhood.

An intrinsic interest in the international music scene owing to her love for travelling led her to study Music Business at the Berklee School of Music. All the while since her inception into the music world she has been fostering her eclectic sound.

“Indian girls can make pop music too,” reads her Instagram bio, as she now delves into a more of a pop sound, being among the few South-Asian creatives in the international pop music scene. Her latest is Bad Girls Dream which features American rapper Jack Harlow.

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