Diver Shares Breathtaking Photos Of The Underwater World

Diver Shares Breathtaking Photos Of The Underwater World

After 190 Dives in 2 Years, Explore The World Below Through Ajit SN’s Eyes

“Water and air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.”

- Jacques Cousteau

“One has to start something with a reason. Scuba diving , ocean conservation and anything to do with ocean was never my interest or in my bucket list. I am a professional photographer specializing in automobile and watch photography,” Ajit SN tells Homegrown. After a casual invite from his friend to go diving, he was bit by the sea bug. Today, he’s done over 190 dives in two years and still counting.

He’s dived with humpback whales, whale sharks, great white sharks, manta rays, bull sharks and has planned many more to come with the likes of killer whales, crocodiles and leopard seals. He has reached every corner of the ocean in our world, but the more he dives and photographs, the more we learn about how our actions affect fragile and delicate ocean ecosystems.

Hawksbill Turtle

“The beauty, magnificence and mystery of the oceans has inspired me to pursue scuba diving and underwater photography as my career and my passion for it has actually been the backbone to venture into this beautiful world and develop the love for the oceans and its conservation.” Ajit tells us. His underwater adventures have propelled him to be a strong advocate of ocean conservation, and he aims to communicate the importance of our oceans using photography as a medium. Currently, SN is involved with the National Geographic and Project AWARE as a contributing member.


When asked about his opinion on people’s attitude towards ocean conservation in India, Ajit felt that there has been a considerable number of Indians who have devoted their time, money and effort to help preserve the ocean, alongside people who didn’t care or bother about the consequences. “I have travelled across the globe to remote parts of the world for scuba diving and underwater photography. The importance and care been taken to protect the oceans is more progressive than in India. One has to realise that oceans are the largest ecosystems and for our very survival we require healthy oceans,” he adds.

Take a journey underwater with these beautiful photographs taken by Ajit SN during his multiple dives and get a glimpse of the incredible beings that exist in our oceans that have to face the consequences of our abuse of the planet.

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