Mumbai, Don’t Miss The Royal Opera House’s First Show In 23 Years

Mumbai, Don’t Miss The Royal Opera House’s First Show In 23 Years
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‘II Matrimonio Segreto’, or ‘The Secret Marriage,’ an 18th century comic opera about, as its title suggests, is about a marriage forced to be kept secret because of societal structuring. A Domenico Cimarosa opera, it involves chaos, confusion and comedy, and includes music said to be inspired by Mozart. Why are we telling you about this opera? Because it’s going to be staged at the Royal Opera House in Bombay this month – the first complete opera to be staged there in 23 years.

From the 27th to the 29th of July, the recently renovated Royal Opera House will open its magnificent doors to ‘The Secret Marriage’, so if you’ve never had the experience that is watching an opera, this is your opportunity. Presented by the Giving Voice Society, this is a two-act opera that is considered one of the greatest 18th century operas. English subtitles will accompany the Italian opera. With a completely Indian cast, accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of India, it will be led by Patricia Rozario, conducted by Maria Badstue and directed by Rehaan Engineer.

The show lasts for a total of 2 hours and 25 minutes. Although the show on the 29th is for school and college students only, and for adults accompanying students, the other two days are open to all. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!

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