Duality: 16 More Young Indians Who Are Leading Double Lives [Vol. II]

Duality: 16 More Young Indians Who Are Leading Double Lives [Vol. II]

 “There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.”

― Alain de Botton

There are those who find solace between brackets and there are those who prefer to empty their framework of any specifics; choosing instead, to exist between parallels, worlds and interests. And somehow, it’s their refusal to lay claim to a singular possibility that makes them doubly (no pun intended) good at everything they do. Considering it’s a similar duality that keeps the flame beneath our feet, Homegrown set out on a mission to uncover other young Indian professionals who, in a certain sense of the term, have mastered the art of living ‘double lives.’
With ‘Duality: Stories Of 20 Young Indian Professionals Who Are Leading Double Lives’, the sheer volume of nominations we received told us straight up that this dual lot may not be as rare a breed as we once imagined, but remained every bit as intriguing for it. We have been approached by multiple people since with stories of their own duality, and we were loath to pass up on another opportunity to showcase these overwhelmingly talented individuals.
Without further ado, here’s our shortlist of people who have nothing in common besides deciding that they are more than just one person, thriving in a state of dual existence.

I. Divyanshu Ganatra  - No Limits. Forever Learning. Open to Experiences.   

Who: 37-year-old Divyanshu Ganatra is a clinical psychologist who also makes time to promote adventure sports for persons with disabilities and able-bodied individuals together.

“I don’t see these as separate parts of myself, or as duality. When you integrate and look at everything as a whole, the universe has a way of balancing itself!”

As a clinical psychologist by training and profession, Divyanshu manages and runs Yellow Brick Road, an organisation working in the area of corporate training and facilitation. His day job consists of ‘wearing formal attire and facilitating behavioral interventions for senior and executive management in large corporates’ while in his free time, he gets to fulfil the side of him that revels in extreme adventure sports. By running and managing a not-for-profit organisation called Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundations, he promotes adventure sports for Persons with Disabilities and able bodied people together. [Watch a short promo film here.]
“I love the outdoors,” Divyanshu says. “All kinds of adventures fascinate me, from climbing mountains, trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, tandem cycling or my favourite - flying! Yep, who said blind people can’t fly? I happen to be India’s first blind solo pilot to fly a para-glider, and no, I am not suicidal!”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him:
“Let’s think the unthinkable, let’s do the undoable. Let us prepare to grapple with the ineffable itself, and see if we may not eff it after all.” ~ Douglas Adams

II. Tejas Menon - Emotional. Over-Analyser. Communicator.

Who: 25-year-old Tejas Menon dons quite a few hats. He has been working at The Glitch, an agency/production house, for about two years now as a producer for branded content, freelances as a director for videos and moonlights as a singer/songwriter.

“Duality is commitment. It’s also responsibility to care for both and to nurture it and yourself.”

Making low budget films for NGOs and school productions paved Tejas’ path to the fields of video production and writing. After a stint in radio for over two years where he hosted and produced his own first-of-its-kind (at the time) English music show, he confesses that it’s at The Glitch that he’s really learnt how to be creative objectively. “Working for brands is way different from being freely creative and it takes another level of thought to execute,” he says.
As for the singer/songwriter part of his life, his ‘misguided Elvis impersonation’ and a whirlwind romance ending in heartbreak led to his discovery of his knack for writing songs; he’s been writing for eight years now, out of which he’s been performing for four. He says, “Being a singer/songwriter has been my gateway into experiences I never thought I would have in life. It’s been fun, and made me extremely self-aware, and while I’ve never done it for money, it’s put food on the table many a broke times in my life!”
He’s been writing music for commercial properties for about a year now, besides which he’s just started his own music label ‘Kadak Apple Records’ to help promote fledgling musicians. As for how he strikes a balance between the two, he says, “To be super honest, it is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I think I choose to be goal-oriented rather than career minded, which means that I just have a list of things I want to do, rather than have a traditional career arc.”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him:

“I will become what I desire” ~ The Fear, Ben Howard

III. Nitesh Bombay Mohanty - Curious. Contemplative. Concerned. 

Who: 40-year-old visual artist Nitesh Bombay Mohanty is a design consultant to various brands by day, and is also the co-founder of ‘The Root’, a platform initiated to create conversation about various pertinent socio-cultural concerns through creative mediums.

“Duality is being able to live not just one, two... but many lives.”

Nitesh was always inclined towards the arts and studied at  Sir J.J. School of Art and NID, where he specialized in Textile Design. Today, the roster of companies with whom he works with as a design consultant include Penguin India, Oxfam India, Shopper’s Stop and Salt Water Café amongst brands within the media, publishing & hospitality industry. He’s also visiting faculty at leading media and management institutes around the country where he conducts a course called ‘Ways of Seeing’, sharing the interconnectedness within art, design, photography, poetry & cinema.
As for ‘The Root’, the platform opens up a conversation about various social, cultural, political and ecological concern through art, design and cinema. “It’s one life... And the enormity of life often leaves us overwhelmed,” he says. “Early on, I realized we can’t be mere onlookers, we are more than just passersby. One must take a stand.” Nitesh also curates ‘The Root Reel’, showcasing independent features, documentary, world cinema and animation films from India as well as across the world. From what we understand, he’s pretty much an online curator of quality thought-provoking art, such as poetry, prose and music, as well as visual narratives.
He’s currently working on his book of poetry titled, ‘Nowhere’, a collection of words in conversation with photographs, which was recently exhibited by Blind Boys for BlowUp! Bombay, at the Focus Photo Festival.
“I’ve often been called a ‘Jack of all trades’,” Nitesh says about how he juggles his various inclinations. “Well, I’m happy being Jack, who wanders off to discover a facet of life that he finds precious, engaging and enlightening. I love imbalance, imperfection... I’m constantly searching for beauty within the broken, seeking poetry within the banal.”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him:
“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

IV. Nikhil Taneja - Passionate. Cinephile. Happy.

Who: 28-year-old Nikhil Taneja works at Yash Raj Films in script development and creative production of Y Films, and as a senior manager on YRF BRand Partnerships and Talents in real life, whereas in the virtual world he’s known as ‘Tanejamainhoon’, a writer on movies, TV and other pop culture; and occasionally, about life itself.

“Duality is listening to your heart just as much as you do your mind.”

Nikhil’s job profile at Yash Raj films has various facets to it: he finds/develops scripts for Y Films, and then makes and releases the movie as its creative executive producer; in addition, he also conceptualises and produces (and sometimes writes) TV Commercials and digital content when a YRF talent signs up with a brand. He also teaches Reporting to TYBMM Journalism students of Jai Hind College; ironic, considering he studied engineering himself in college.
His professional career arc’s actually been a really interesting journey - from starting off in Mumbai as a journalist with HT Café, to working with Viacom18 Digital and then shifting to television with MTV India before moving on to movies. Nikhil’s online alias Tanejamainhoon is obsessed with motion pictures and isn’t going to hide it. “I bleed films, I breathe TV shows, and I survive because I’m able to let the world know my feelings about the ones that are awesome, and the ones that are not,” says Nikhil, who reviews, recommends and opines about TV shows and movies for publications including Open Magazine, HT Cafe, The Juice, Firstpost.com and Sunday Guardian to name just a few.
“As Tanejamainhoon, I try to use up every hour of my life to watch and write about television and cinema; and as Nikhil Taneja, I try to use up every hour of my life in making them,” he elaborates on juggling the two aspects. “There is no balance to be struck since I do not exist without either of my two sides – I am complete only when both sides function together, all the time. The trick is to give yourself a break every once a while, so you can come back refreshed and recharged only to go at it again.”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him:
”It’s great, living. Get your heart broken, find yourself face down in the gutter, get your balls sucked, make a real mess of a life!” ~ Dr. Squires (Ben Kingsley) from The Wackness.

V. Gresham Fernandes - Fuck that shit. 

Who: 34-year-old Gresham Fernandes is the executive chef at Impresario by day, creating mouthwatering menus for a host of restaurants, while moonlighting as an electronic music producer under the moniker ‘PlanB.’

“Duality is a temporary condition before finding your true individual expression.”

You have Gresham to thank for ‘most things edible’ at restaurants such as Saltwater Café, several Smokehouse Delis, many Socials, the Tasting room, along with other food experiments he runs around the country (such as Swine Dine, Doobious Diners, Gypsy Kitchen). With 15 years of experience in the kitchen, this all-round Bandra boy studied at catering college in the city before starting out at the Leela, and then going on to do time at the iconic Saltwater Grill and as a chef at Aurus before coming full circle with his present job.
“I’ve always been into some form of music,” he elaborates on his ‘other side’. “With The Smokehouse Room, a project very close to my heart, I got pretty heavily into the grammar of Electronic music. It heavily coloured what I was doing as a Chef then, and I found myself composing to music, and even plating with distinct soundtracks in mind.” Gresham has since been taking his music more seriously lately, and has even played a few gigs.
Striking a balance seems like something that’s shaping up pretty effortlessly for him, though, “This duality isn’t mutually exclusive, and I’m working on ideas and ways that these two seemingly disparate fields inform each other. My most recent Swine-dine, for example (where I cook a pig nose-to-tail in 12 different ways – yes, that’s right ) featured both sides of me, where I first cooked the meal, and then played a set along with the meal to sync with the experience and concept of the night. I’m always listening to my sets while going about my day, and it seems like it’s all coming together very nicely.”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him:
“Think outside the box, cut the box, and take a fucking sharp knife to it.” ~Banksy
”This quote adorned my exhaust hood at The Smokehouse Room, and was how we judged everyone who walked into our kitchen then,” Gresham elaborates.

VI. Sneha Sharma - Passionate. Driven. Need for precision.

Who: 24-year-old Sneha Sharma is quite the powerhouse, juggling a career as a pilot with that of a professional race car driver.

“Duality is following your passion,and doing whatever is required to make it happen. Racing is my passion, flying is my profession to make my passion happen, at least until I can race full time.”

Working with Indigo Airlines, Sneha started her pilot training in San Francisco, California, whereas recreational karting in Mumbai kicked off her career as a race car driver, following which she started participating in local races. In one of these, she was approached by the National Karting Team Rayo Racing to drive with them and there’s been no looking back since. “Racing is an extremely expensive sport and I used to work part-time with my team to subsidise my driving costs,” says Sneha.
She’s currently a race car driver in the JK Tyres National Racing Championships driving the Formula 4 with JK tyres as her sponsor. She aims to graduate to Formula BMW, which is Formula 3 equivalent, to make racing her career even as she looks forward to international participation this year.
While we try to fathom how one strikes a balance between flying and racing, Sneha says, “Time management and pushing the envelope is key. The constant desire to stay on the race track is the propulsion which keeps me going. As racing is an extremely demanding sport along with flying being an equally demanding profession, I invest all my time and energy in these along with physical fitness, as racing demands a great amount of physical strength and stamina. I do little else besides these two things as I strive to keep all my leaves for racing.”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to her:
”If you want something you have never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. Make your passion your paycheck... only those who risk going too far will find out how far one can possibly go.”

VII. Akshay Samel - Relentless. Straightforward. Honest. 

Who: 29-year-old Akshay Samel is an airline pilot with IndiGo who is extremely enthusiastic about running as well as endurance sports.

“Duality is for me, doing all the things you want and keeping a balance.”

Akshay, who’s been flying with IndiGo for over two years now, loves the simplicity of endurance sports and running. “You just need your shoes and you can work out no matter which part of the world you are in,” he says. He’s especially into triathlons, which generally include running, swimming and cycling because he loves the experience of just keeping going - ‘that you swim, get out, get on your bike, get off the bike, wear your shoes and off you are again’.
“Balancing both sides is very difficult, between doing 3-4 flights a day and still find time to do a good workout,” he admits. “It takes all the motivation and mental strength you have, and living two lives is more stressful mentally than physically. In the end, though, it all depends on what you want or what makes you happy.”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him:
“I believe in doing what you want, I believe if you do what you want then happiness comes too; you don’t need to chase it.”

VIII. Abhik Bhattacherji - Quirky. Amusing. Drama.

Who: 29-year-old Abhik Battacherji juggles the role of a strategic marketing profession in the funding team at Dasra, with that of an art collector and entrepreneur.

“Duality is 12 crayons not in their box all trying to colour up a dull world.”

Abhik connects the dots between business, philanthropy and action in the funding team at Dasra, an organisation that works with philanthropists and social entrepreneurs to create large scale social change. Before Dasra happened though, he’d spent the last year with the inaugural cohorts of Teach for Bangladesh and Teach for Slovakia. He has also spent a significant part of his career at Britannia and Godrej in the communications, design and innovation teams, and was the inaugural cohort of Teach for India. As if all of this weren’t impressive enough, his double life consists of a curious blend of art collector, entrepreneur and occasional chef, and he has co-founded Dear Imagination, an organisation encouraging dialogue amongst underprivileged children through storytelling, art, dance and drama workshops.
“The resultant feeling of community is truly wonderful,” Abhik says. “We believe it is this familial vote of confidence that changes the dynamic of the entire community with the arts. The empowerment that results has lasting positive impact on the lives of these children, their family and our society overall. I’m a crusader against monochrome!” On the culinary side, while at Godrej, Abhik curated a gourmet cookbook titled “Simply. Edgy. Authentic.” and hosted a Christmas brunch to raise funds for Teach for India as a pop up chef at Fat Man’s Cafe, combining all his strengths for a greater good.
He keeps it pretty simple when quizzed about striking a balance, “Marketing and innovation by day and art enthusiast by the weekend!”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him:
”I’ve loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

IX. Samir Karnik - Starved. Mercurial. Lucid.

Who: 28-year-old Samir Karnik is a sustainability consultant at Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) who works on environmental projects by day, and builds acoustic guitars and other wooden knick-knacks by night.

“Duality is a reflection of the same soul in a cosmic house of mirrors.”

Armed with a Master’s Degree in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Samir has worked on a wide range of environmental and social projects for more than 4 years now. The conscious direction he has chosen is born out of a deep desire to contribute towards ‘defining a new way to think about our increasingly complicated relationship with the planet and ourselves’ and he admits he has been introduced to a plethora of ideas, people and experiences, through corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, many of which have been inspirational.
A guitarist himself, he was driven by the powerful premise of developing a project around guitar craft that enhances skills of disadvantaged groups. Since the desk job he was working at at the time seemed to limit his more creative aspects, he decided to take some time off and give in to his wood-crafting alter ego. “Under the guidance of an English luthier, Chris Horton, I built my first acoustic guitar from scratch using simple hand tools,” he says.
The ‘highly gratifying’ experience led to him learning further through sheer experimentation with his grandfather’s tools, with a couple of books, YouTube videos and luthier forums thrown in. He’s come a long way since his initial experiments and has built a total of 8 acoustic guitars, also making other knick knacks along the way such as wooden jewellery, rings and bird boxes.
“I suppose I don’t try to balance but rather accept different facets of myself,” he reflects. “I find it important to be like water – fluid, adaptable and transparent or the wind (which I am named after), while retaining a strong sense of purpose and honesty in everything that I do.”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him:
”You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans,” ~ Tom Robbins, Writer

X. Mohitt Joshi (Mo) / Mo Styles - Confident. Sharp. Honest.

Who: Juggling entrepreneurship and entertainment, 32-year-old Mohitt Joshi runs and manages the BPO he started with his brother and also manages to make time to explore his interests in alternate careers as a producer, photographer and filmmaker.

“Duality is… the ability to fulfil desires of both the left and right side of your brain.”

Let’s begin with the fact that Mohitt started a BPO with his older brother Manu when he was 20 years old. They started out from his brother’s living room in London for the UK end (Captus Data) and his brother’s father-in-law’s spare room in Bhakra Nangal, Punjab for the offshore end. Over the past 11 years, the offices have moved to Ladbroke Grove  and Chandigarh respectively and the Joshi brothers have amassed over 300 UK clients. Mohitt has personally managed critical projects at Google, Bank of America, Sony & Nokia to name a few and now manages the digital strategy side of the venture, leading him to manage online activations for Paramount Pictures and artists such as Joss Stone and, more recently, UK Rapper/Journalist/Historian Akala.
Mohitt had always been passionate about film, music & entertainment and he started managing the digital content for the renowned festival venue Chai Wallahs and got his hands on camera gear in 2009. Since then, he has shot at over 100 festivals worldwide and is also a part of their sister company, Diplomats of Sound, who are an artist management, bookings and event production company. More recently, he joined Arms House and their mission to cross-pollinate bass music from the UK and India and was involved in the Arms House stage at VH1 Supersonic festival in Goa.
“I’ll let you know when I’ve figured it out,” is his reply when probed about creating a balance. “At the moment, the balance is me not sleeping very much.”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him:
”The only way to succeed is to let others flourish.” ~Mo Styles

XI. Tyrell Valladares - Adventurous. Experimental. Crazy.

Who: 29-year-old Tyrell has been flying with Jet Airways as a flight purser for the past 8 years whereas on ground, he finds solace in metal art, sculpting and painting.

“Duality to me would mean the two faces that people have, often not even realising that there’s a second one or what it means. My first face - in relation to flying - is the one where people see me as an open, welcoming person. The second face is the one that brings out the inner passion of something you believe in and this comes with the stress of getting your work done.”

On flight, Tyrell is the head honcho overseeing flight attendants and making sure that all airline passengers are safe and comfortable. Back on ground, though, he gets his creative juices flowing by creating thing out of scrap, or everyday materials that are ubiquitously found. “So I started working at this a couple of years ago as a hobby from my terrace,” he explains. “After flights, before flights... I just couldn’t get my mind off creating things out of scrap or everyday things around the house. So eventually, people started noticing the work I was doing and started my company called Metal Head.” [Check out his work on his Facebook page.]
As for how he balances his logistics-heavy job and creative inclinations, he says, “It takes a lot of patience and sleepless nights as your mind is always working and thinking about new ideas, and then you have to suddenly tune out and get to work - something that came to me naturally, as I would just want to get through a flight to go back and work on my hobby, which was my driving force.”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him:
If you take the risk you’re already 90% through. What you do with the rest is what counts.”

XII. Behram Siganporia - Grounded. Adventurously wild. High-Flying. 

Who: 28-year-old Behram Siganporia is the vocalist and bass guitarist of Bangalore-based band One Nite Stand, and is also a model and a professional pilot flying for Aviators Air Rescue, whenever he finds the time.

“Duality is a double whammy. It’s about an adrenaline rush from the moment I wake to the moment I sleep. In my case it’s about rocking out, whether its on stage or in the cockpit.”

Behram started off singing and playing as a teenager in high school and with the Mumbai band The Other People in college before taking music up professionally and joining One Nite Stand. He has recently been signed by Universal Records and has done over 100 shows with his current band in the last year alone, with their 12-city tour being completely sold out in India. As a professional pilot, he possesses his Indian and International Commercial Pilot License while when it comes to modelling, he’s done a couple of ads for Amazon, Lee, Mahindra Cars to name a few. He was recently voted as one of the Most Desirable Men of the Year by Times of India.
With the busy schedule of the band due to recordings, rehearsing, touring, it’s often hard to do anything more than One Nite Stand,” he elaborates on how he does it all. “I manage to fly on weekends, or sometimes, once in a fortnight. With regards to shoots, I do it only when I like the concept and only when I can take time off from flying or music.”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him:
”Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~ Mark Twain

XIII. Kavita Gonsalves - Spunky. Feisty. Pixie.

Who: 32-year-old Kavita Gonsalves designs spaces as an architect by day and is a culinary entrepreneur with a social impact by night - made you do a double take, didn’t it? The Bake Collective bakes for a good cause.

“Duality... there is no duality, only this one life to do everything you need to do.”

As an architect, Kavita works at Gensler, one of the world’s leading design firms and has a solid 7 years worth of experience with space design and research. Explaining she designs ‘spaces and environments for people to live better’, she says her work might mean various things, from designing a park to a mural. Her altruistic alterego alternatively is driven by the idea of ‘empowering another person to reach their full potential and lead a good life’, and she frankly shares, “A day doesn’t go by where I am not aware of my privilege and status - and I try to use what I know to make a difference to at least one other person. And I do it in the simplest of ways - through the Bake Collective, which was started with my friend Charlene Vaz.”

The focus of the Bake Collective is to support NGOs that are in the start-up phase to continue the great work they are doing- all through conducting bake sales. The Bake Collective’s beneficiaries include Milaap, Urmi Foundation, Mimaansa, World For All, Voice of Stray Dogs and many more, and Kavita truly goes the extra mile by supporting a few of these NGOs with her experience of design, research and writing. “One particular project that comes to mind is Ignition - the proposal for a school in Mumbai’s red-light area, which reached the top ten projects in OpenIdeo Competition.”

As for balance, Kavita keeps it simple, “I write, I meditate, I work out, I walk, I play with Henry the cat and Inka the dog.”

One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to her:

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.” ~Robert Frost

XIV. Aaron Pinto - Leonardo. Sonic. Homer.

Who: 26-year-old Aaron Pinto works as a graphic designer and illustrator at MTV India by day, while the dark of the night finds him playing drums for two metal bands in the city, Providence and Gutslit.

“Duality is organised chaos.”

What started off as an internship with MTV India eventually led to Aaron learning the ropes of media, and then finally finding his calling in design and joining the MTV design team. He works closely with artists from the Metal and the Indie scene, and creates album art, T-shirt designs, merchandise, etc.

As for the call of the drum kit, he’s been playing for the past 7 years. “It’s hard enough managing work and playing with one band, but its absolute chaos doing it with two bands that are constantly gigging and very active in the scene,” Aaron confesses.”I absolutely love playing drums and making music. This is what I always wanted, and see myself doing it for the rest of my life!”

“I walk a very thin line between balance and complete pandemonium,” he says when asked about how he strikes a balance. “Luckily, both my jobs feed of each other and most of the times tend to work in harmony. I wish I could get more time to contemplate and organise my thoughts. But whatever little time I get, I sleep, play video games, spend it with my family or just do nothing, because sometimes you need to chill out or run the risk of burning out. I am hardwired to this lifestyle, and couldn’t have asked for more!”

One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him:

“God is in the details.”

XV. Advaith Mohan - Curious. Intuitive. Open.

Who: 24-year-old Advaith heads the Search Engine Marketing team at Flipkart by day and moonlights as guitarist for the metal band ‘The Down Troddence’.

“Duality is two sides of the same coin.”

Advaith joined e-commerce behemoth 3 years ago fresh out of college with a B.Tech from IIT Madras and initially started out working on Flyte, Flipkart’s digital music service. Advaith found Flyte ‘a rewarding experience’ but, as an entity, it had limited success in India and was eventually shut down, after which he joined the Digital Marketing team and has worked on an array of things since, including marketing analytics, performance marketing, app installs, app engagement, social marketing , data visualization etc. “People here know me as a pretty laid back fellow, with a very good handle on numbers and data driven technology,” he summarises easily.”For me, its not really as cut and dried as the ‘other’ side. But music has been a huge part of my off-work life over the last few years.”

Before joining ‘The Down Troddence’ as a guitarist, he played for a metal band from Chennai called ‘Iterate’ and he shares that it’s a hugely satisfying experience making music with a bunch of people one loves and respects, and expressing the same in front of fans who love the music. He concedes that it’s been a gratifying 9 years playing the guitar. “It has allowed me to find an avenue of expression which I never though possible before, completely changing the way I view and live my life,” he says.

“I believe that any human being can have as many sides to him/her as he/she wants,” Advaith elaborates on striking a balance. “Personally, any interest I might have, whether professional or personal, I try to cultivate and grow with the same level of commitment and desire.”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him: The Road Goes Ever On And On.” ~ Bilbo Baggins

 XVI. Mithun Raj - Fat. Loud. Smart.

Who: By day, 26-year-old Mithun Raj aka Munz is a photographer, and a senior visualizer at Flipkart while by night, he jams and performs as the lead vocalist for ‘The Down Troddence’.

 “Duality is staying focused on the task at hand and trying not to multitask or get distracted.


 Mithun kicked off his career as photographer 7 years ago and got into graphic designing along the way. “I’m pretty sure very few people know that I have a day job,” he ponders nonchalantly. He believes staunchly that as long as all of these roles are balanced and not clashing with each other, he’s quite happy.
So how does he manage to strike this balance? “It’s simple. Don’t mix up everything. And focus in the moment.”
One line that’s a constant source of inspiration to him: Whose life is it? Get it? See it? Feel it? Eat it.” - Slipknot, ‘People=Sh**’.

Compiled By: Homegrown Staff

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