Education Above All: A New-Age School Designed To Be Dismantled, Never Demolished

Education Above All: A New-Age School Designed To Be Dismantled, Never Demolished
Social Design Collaborative

To receive education in India may be cited as a right, but if we are being candid, it is more of a privilege. The lack of accessibility and teachers, and often even poor infrastructure are causes of children abandoning their education journey.

For many, the possibility of their school being demolished due to land conflicts is high. The Yamuna Khadar community is one of them, for whom it became a reality.

Social Design Collaborative, an interdisciplinary and participatory practice in art, architecture, and research took into account the forced eviction of several families along the banks of the Yamuna river in Delhi. Where, then, do the children of these families seek further education? ModSkool is a novel solution to that.

Following their path of ‘Dismantle, not demolish’, ModSkool is a low-cost school structure using available materials such as bamboo, and also integrated local charpai weaving techniques. With a thoughtful and mindful design, the team set up the temporary school, and in 2017, even moved it to a new location successfully, proving that its ability to dismantle is as real as it gets.

Image Courtesy: Dezeen

Community engagement and integration was kept in mind and the school was built only after consultations with the staff, all while considering the relevant economic and social conditions.

The school is not simply a design or architectural marvel, it is also a symbol of dignity. It allows and encourages young children to seek the education they deserve, and also perhaps is a real-life example of how to use education to bring about some good in the world.

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