Emerging Homegrown Indie Musicians On Our Radar

Emerging Homegrown Indie Musicians On Our Radar

What’s really exciting about the new wave of artists that are coming up in the Indian music scene is the fact that they aren’t afraid to experiment, they don’t constrain themselves to a genre, and they are trying to come up with their own niche. We at Homegrown, particularly, love these shape-shifting artists who are redefining the way we consume music. Here are 5 indie musicians making a mark on the music scene that we love and think should be on your playlist as well.

Amongst the several breakout internet sensations in the past two years, Anumita Nadesan shot to fame as one of Instagram’s beloved singers. The singer/musician’s covers of popular Bollywood tracks undeniably held a calming effect on the world gripped by a pandemic induced cabin fever. In an obvious yet exciting next endeavour, the artist is channelling her creative energy into putting out original music that evokes her true artistic persona. Her debut single, Khwaab was equal parts soothing, creative and endearing which is an apt description for Anumita’s body of work so far.

Kevin Shaji aka PinaColada Blues is an upcoming indie-electronic producer from Kochi. Not afraid to blend genres and styles and languages in his music, the artist does not confine to a single genre and dabbles across sounds that include Indian instruments, dream, electro-pop, trap, hybrid trap, hip-hop, RnB, Carnatic and eastern infused western styles. An interesting artist of our times, he is one to check out.

Embarking on a musical journey is Samyak Jain, A Delhi/New York-based singer-songwriter who debuted with his single, Zindagi — an acoustic heartfelt tune that explores the themes of self-acceptance and the inevitability of change. The self-taught artist reveals the core of his music to be based on accoustic and percussive guitar and warm, raw vocals. His music takes inspiration from indie-folk and soft rock.

A guitar-centric singer-songwriter based out of Baroda, Gujarat, Shashwat Bulusu has been redefining the conventional perception of folk-pop and lo-fi music with his raspy vocals and rugged melodies. Undaunted when it comes to experimenting with chords, melody, or lyrical composition, Shashwat’s music carries a unique sonic signature which distinguishes his sounds from that of other artists.

Viepsa Arora a New Delhi-based multi-genre composer, producer, singer and songwriter has been in the music scene for a short span of two years but has been able to earn a loyal following. Proving her chops as a pop artist, whether it be with her debut single Careless Creature which came out two years ago or her latest Hindi-pop and R&B single Aane Do with rapper-creator Dev Raiyani. Her music is eclectic and boundless with inspiration drawn from alternative, bedroom pop, dream pop, Indian indie and hip-hop.

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