Enjoy Coffee On A Stick With Sleepy Owl & NOTO’s Coffee Ice-cream Fudgesicles

Enjoy Coffee On A Stick With Sleepy Owl & NOTO’s Coffee Ice-cream Fudgesicles

There’s nothing quite that compares to an iced coffee or a cold brew to get your coffee fix in the summer or the instant satisfaction of a popsicle to beat the summer heat. But what if both your favourite things were to come together?

Look no further, homegrown coffee brand Sleepy Owl and homegrown artisanal popsicle brand NOTO have kickstarted the summers with the coolest collaboration with their limited edition ‘Chocolate Coffee Fudgsicle’ which is every bit of what dreams are made of.

NOTO’s trademark low-calorie ice cream has been infused with Sleepy Owl’s signature premium instant coffee and it makes for an instant hit. To add to that the fudgesicle has no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives and is priced at 105. It is currently available in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore through Zomato and Swiggy or through the NOTO website.

Caffeinated, and chocolatey; you can choose to start or end your day with your favourite mochaccino which is now on a stick! ( Although we wouldn’t rule out twice a day.) Talking of the limited series fudgsicle, the two founders said:

“Today coffee is so much more. You start your morning, begin conversations, and journey through your day with coffee – it’s an experience. And an experience can always be elevated with innovation to ever create because innovation is imagination without limits. This collaboration with NOTO has given coffee an innovative boost to excel beyond what anyone would’ve imagined. And we’re more than excited to see what this could mean for coffee and the future.”

— Arman Sood, Co-founder, Sleepy Owl Coffee

“We’re delighted to have collaborated with Sleepy Owl for the new limited edition Chocolate Coffee Fudgsicle. This is our first-ever co-branded product and we couldn’t have asked for a better combination. Ice cream and coffee are two things our entire team is passionate about and that is reflected in the product we’ve created.”

— Ashni Shah, Co-founder & Director, NOTO

With this remarkable brainchild of NOTO and Sleepy Owl Coffee, be ready to taste the best of both worlds and give your summers a refreshing and energizing coffee kick!

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