Eshna Kutty’s ‘Saree Flow’ Embraces Indian Culture Through Hula Hooping

Eshna Kutty’s ‘Saree Flow’ Embraces Indian Culture Through Hula Hooping
Eshna Kutty

Whatever idea you had of how easy hula hooping is, and how it’s a sport for children — it’s time to throw that out the window.

In 2020, amongst other things, hula hooping seems to have become the recipient of some much-awaited and well-deserved popularity. One of the rising stars in Flow Arts is Delhi-based flow artist Eshna Kutty who has charmed everyone with her adroit hula hooping skills. While Flow Arts in India is still on the rise, Eshna has been in the field for more than a decade — teaching, facilitating, and performing.

Spicing up with a desi twist to hoop dance, Eshna puts on a saree, completes her look with a pair of trainers, and hoops along to desi beats like ‘Uyire’ by Sid Sriram and ‘Masakali’ from Delhi-6 by A.R.Rehman.

‘Saree Flow’, as she calls it, is a series of her performing flow art dressed in a saree, and owning it. It is also to bring to the fore all the Indian hoopers.

They may be few in number, but the community is growing fast and shows no signs of stopping.

There are various ways to embrace our Indian culture and Eshna chooses to do it through Saree Flow. In this process, she hopes that many more join in to be comfortable, free and happy in sarees.

You can find more about Eshna here and here.

Find Eshna’s ‘Saree Flow’ on Homegrown here.

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