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The LoveFools
The LoveFoolsThe LoveFools

Supper clubs are definitely not something that has caught fire with the masses in India yet. When we think of going out for a dinner we think of a fancy restaurant with an à la carte menu, jacketed waiters, and the swish of a long-stemmed wine glass on a snow-white table cloth. But supper clubs, where a select group of discreet invitees gather to a secret location, and are served a specially curated menu, have really taken off in the West. An exclusive affair, they are a great opportunity to try out a gourmet meal in a location that is intimate and elegant.

The creators of Indian supper club, ‘The LoveFools’ take this one step further. Launched in 2016 by Chef Sarita Pereira, The LoveFools is a heritage village restaurant serving global flavours through culinary innovations. Inspired by her time learning the trade in Spain, advertiser-turned-chef Chef Pereira serves up a variety of global cuisines using locally sourced ingredients. She says that the name ‘LoveFools’ comes with being so passionate about something that it is okay to be foolish and silly and go against the grain to break barriers. With The LoveFools, she wants to banish the intimidation that comes with the concept of fine dining. The ambience and dress code are casual, with a focus on the beautifully plated food.

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They first launched with a 10-person community table and constant experimentation with their menus, as they tested out this very conceptual style of dining.

They now have curated menus like their 5-course ‘Love Letter To Kyoto’ menu, a shining example of the simplicity and sublimity of Japanese food and their 4-course ‘The Fools Spirit Menu’, with global dishes paired perfectly with a variety of wines.

They have also recently launched their Bandra Barstool Menu, a bar menu of 7 cocktails inspired by the soul of Bandra. From the 14-C (a delectable take on an espresso martini) to Jude (a walnutty bourbon drink dedicated to the patron saint of lost causes), there is something for everyone.

They are also soft-launching their newest Love Crumbs Patisserie menu in association with Maître Pâtissier (master pastry chef) Chef Aniket Sawant, with a heavy focus on savoury bread inspired by French and Scandinavian baking.

Currently situated in Bandra’s quaint East-Indian Ranwar Village, nestled among century-old bungalows is the newest iteration of The LoveFools. With an intimate and welcoming overall vibe, the boutique restaurant stays true to its roots with a home-style location and feels like you’re going over to a friend’s place for dinner. However, Chef Sarita Pereira’s attention to detail in terms of everything on your plate makes you feel like you’re at a 5-star restaurant. From the technique-driven menu to the easy-going vibe, this is a dining experience like no other.

Reservations are recommended! Check them out here.

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