Experience A White Christmas At This Luxurious Palace Hotel In Himachal

Experience A White Christmas At This Luxurious Palace Hotel In Himachal

It’s a common human desire to want to live like royalty. The opportunity to live in unlimited and unwavering luxury is something that very few would pass up. Though the chance to actually become a royal, is hardly something that’s likely to happen, you can of course pretend, even for just a short time.

If you’re planning a stint of royal treatment there’s no better place to choose than the Chail Palace Hotel two hours from Shimla. Built in 1891, it was once the summer getaway of the Maharaja of Patiala, Bhupinder Singh where he sought refuge after being expelled from Shimla by Lord Kitchner. Today it’s owned by the Himachal Tourism Board who converted the luxurious estate into a full-time hotel, opened to the public.

Aside from the lush forests of Deodar and the fresh mountain scenery, Chail affords visitors a variety of activities to fill the day. At the top of that list should be a visit to the School Play Ground, the highest Cricket ground on the planet at 7,500 feet. Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, a passionate cricketer, commissioned the ground so he could enjoy a match at his summer retreat. Another unmissable experience is a meal at Sadhupul Lake, where tables are placed in water so you can dip your feet in the cool waters as you enjoy lunch. For the wildlife enthusiasts, Chail’s Sanctuary at an elevation of 7152 ft offers spectacular views of the area as well and its unique ecosystem. If you aren’t looking to venture out, relax in the opulence of your hotel and lunch like a king at The Cafe Palace.

Most people choose to visit in summer to escape the city heat, but the months of September to November are off-season if you’re looking for a cheaper rate. If it’s a white Christmas you want, then Chail is the place to be. They usually receive snowfall between December and March, but be sure to come prepared for the Chail chill! Whenever you plan to visit, you’re sure to find incomparable beauty and the slow-paced atmosphere you need to unwind.

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