Experience Delhi’s Futuristic Cafe Where Robots Serve You Food

Experience Delhi’s Futuristic Cafe Where Robots Serve You Food

Human fascination and sometimes obsession with robots knows no bounds, whether it is manifestations in the form of movie robots that want to destroy the planet or emotional cute robots like WALL-E that want to save it. So it comes as no surprise that we would want cafe experiences that revolve around robots greeting us and serving us food. If that’s an experience you’ve been waiting for, look no further than Delhi NCR’s very first robot cafe— The Yellow House-Robot Restaurant.

Located in Noida, the multi-cuisine cafe is an extension of its predecessors of the same name in Jaipur. Seeing the success of the cafes there, they chose to open one in Delhi NCR where two cute yellow robots serve food and attend tables. Both the robotic waiters are named Ruby and serve the customers on the built-in trays in their design. Working on AI (Artificial Intelligence) the robots can function all day on just two to three hours of charging. The order from each table is fed into the robots and once a table number is entered on the phone, the robots go right to work.

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