Explore These Breathtaking Off Beat Travel Destinations In Uttarakhand

Explore These Breathtaking Off Beat Travel Destinations In Uttarakhand

If crowds and the constant soaring rate of tourist influx repulses you; you might consider venturing off into the unknown, which can also be regarded as a relatively quelling and a tranquillising experience of a lifetime. Today’s venture takes us to the soothing snow capped hills and the concealed gems of the Uttarakhand. These off beat spots are bound to leave you flabbergasted in the best way. Aside from the religious bounties that this hill crest region has to offer, do make it a pit stop on the map to your never ending odyssey.

I. Peora

This quaint spot is one of Uttarakhand’s most well kept secret. Nestled and tucked away in the district of Nanital, this secluded gem is bound to dulcify your holiday experience. Walk alongside a hidden trail of fruit orchards, inhale the sweet earthen scent of this shrouded hamlet. This little village will have you reminiscing of places you haven’t been to, but places that bear an uncanny resemblance to a town once avidly painted/depicted in a fairytale. Come pick on the apples, peaches and plums clad in all their dewey goodness, acquaint yourself with the alluring beauty that you’ve heard of, but haven’t truly experienced first hand. Strolling through these lushly dense pastures of fauna and flora. Admire the intricate designs of the pine cones strewn along the winding paths. Marvel at the simple joys that this alpine clad zone has in store for you.

II. Ranikhet

The literal translation of this Greenland is the Queen’s fields. Allay all of your unrest and worries and dissipate within the historical Queens land. Coated in a heavy display of mounds of flowers and dewey meadows. Each new season calls for it’s own serenity and charm. Characterised by it’s dense woodlands of green and lofty oak, pine, cedar and deodar trees. The snow clad region comes alive in December with snow pelting the lawns and adorned all over this enchanted landscape. Spend the days bird watching and the evenings cherishing the warm peachy glow of ephemeral but captivating sunsets.

III. Manila

Situated 85 kilometres away from Ranikhet, Manila exudes picturesque vibes and surreal displays of sunsets that glaze the Himalayan ranges. A true experience over here would involve dissolving other social mediums and just appreciating the scenic and the raw beauty in all it’s exuberance. From the ethereal and splendid display of the transitions of dawn to dusk, to the sweet bellows and chirrups of the birds birched on the branches. Enjoy the commendable landscape, one of mother natures many boons, or the full colossal display of the twinkling stars and the nocturnal moon.

Source - http://manilaauttarakhand.blogspot.com/

IV. Lohaghat

Cradled in the misty valleys of the Himalayas. This hamlet is bestowed with abundant fills of greenery and set amidst the snow capped pinnacles of the hills. This elevating scenery proves to be the natural alternative to all of the man made antidotes of this material world, in which we dwell in. The pristine ambience lies untouched by all of the tourists influx and the rashness of the city. Saddle yourself in a cozy little corner equipped with a great view or simply just indulge in sight seeing activities. Even pay a visit to Mount Abott a rejuvenating retreat experience within the bounds of Lohaghat. Hop on aboard to a secluded Himalayan cottage and experience true serenity and bliss.

V. Munsiyari

This little hill crested region also goes by the name of Little Kashmir; Prepare to be enamoured by the panoramic view that awaits you, for you to take on new heights as you thread along your nature inspired trek. The end result and the reward for your breathlessness? Ascending a breath taking view of the Himalayan ranges and an astounding presence of the azure hued thick fog that lightly cascades on the hill ranges. For those avid trekkers, don’t say we didn’t tell you!

Source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXhqd8Gg21k

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