Find Naga Textiles & Vintage Fusion Wear At This Slow-Sourced Thrift Store

Image Courtesy: Carol's Shop
Image Courtesy: Carol's Shop

There are some shared sentiments among customers who yearn to break away from fast and unethical trend cycles. They long to invest in statement pieces with unique designs, patterns and prints that are unlike the majority of clothing available in fast-fashion stores that often tend to be uniform and cookie-cutter in terms of design. Additionally, after understanding the disastrous impact of the production cycles on the environment, a younger generation is actively looking for avenues where more ethically sourced pieces are available.

Carol’s Shop & Tea Room, based in Dimapur, Nagaland, is creating a space for second-hand gems in the market. Inspired by the theory of being ‘untrendy’ and further subverting the influence of mass-produced collections, the vintage store caters to the niche demands of its clients with unique pieces from all around the world. They create curations built out of handpicked pieces, clothes, accessories, tea cups and collectables.

Image Courtesy: Carol's Shop

The creative behind the store –– Carol is a full-time model who hopes to change the general fashion language embraced by young people in metropolitan cities. Sourcing clothing with a wide range of influences across Nepal, Dharamshala, Rishikesh, Delhi, Bombay, Bangkok, Nagaland and New York, her passion project also brings forth her indigenous heritage by inculcating pieces with vivid Naga prints and textiles.

Fusing Western with Eastern aesthetics against the backdrop of quaint landscapes from both Dimapur and her rural Goan home, from where she operates her business, the intelligent styling present across their Instagram page showcases a close affinity with natural settings. Carol shoots all the imagery herself and in addition to the art and creative direction she also poses as a model to truly bring her vision across.

From Victorian Era blouses to bell bottoms and more, one can find offbeat pieces at affordable prices. With a deep yearning to change the face of trend-based fashion and a keen eye for prints, Carol has created stellar collections that showcase the true beauty hidden in second-hand gems.

Find them here.

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