FKJ India Tour: 8 Mavericks in the Music & Culture Space Looking Forward to the Live Set This Weekend Speak

FKJ India Tour: 8 Mavericks in the Music & Culture Space Looking Forward to the Live Set This Weekend Speak
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This weekend has us crossing off dates with Paris-based FKJ (French Kiwi Juice) all set to hit Indian shores with his potpourri of funky basslines, vivid synth sounds, groovy french house and hip hop rhythms. Hard to categorise is perhaps assuming the position of a genre in itself, and we’re definitely not complaining, with the soul in his music bound to leave you crawling the walls.

After catching up with him at length in ‘Hybrid Soul, Hybrid Beats: In Conversation With FKJ Prior To His India Tour’, where he told us a little bit about his creative process and his association with Roche Musique, we decided to scout the music and culture sphere for the front-line soldiers who are as excited about his upcoming live show as we are, and got them to tell us about a tune of his that had them fall for his music hook, line and sinker.

I. Kumail Hamid is a Bombay-based DJ and music producer who performs under ‘Kumail’. He recently put out his debut EP ‘Shift’.
”It’s always a treat to watch a musician play a live set. If you’re into quality dance music, this is where it’s at.”

II. Mohammed Abood AKA DJ Mocity has been one of the biggest promoters of quality bass music in the industry and was the curator of NH7 Weekender’s Pepsi Dub Station for three years.
”I stumbled upon FKJ during my days in Istanbul, where I would be religiously digging online for hours erryday mostly on Bandcamp and Soundcloud, making use of my unemployment exile days. My favourite track would have to be ‘Learn to Fly’ featuring Brisbane’s Jordan Rakei, who is surely one of my favourite singers out of Australia. Great laidback vibes and perfect production from FKJ on motherfucking point. India don’t sleep on this!”

III. Robby Banner is a Bangalore-based Deep House, Techno & NuDisco DJ, who is also a full-time practising Graphic Designer.
”If you want to see a DJ who is like two or three different DJ’s in one, who covers such a wide gamut of genres and music during his shows, you definitely do not want to miss the French Kiwi Juice (FKJ) all India tour this weekend. Funky, upbeat, and soul driven vibes from this guy you do not want to miss. The ‘FKJ Set for Vibes Hong Kong really sums up for me how diverse a musical landscape this guy covers: from some disco, funk, nu-disco, trip and hip-hop to 2step and breaks. There are so many genres he covers during a set.”

“For a live set, this video is epic.” 

IV. Karan Gonsalves is the Marketing Head at Local Banya, and is also a DJ.
”FKJ has managed to come up with a sound that is soulful & fresh that is guaranteed to put you in a great, happy mood and make you want to dance all night long. Here are my first two listening experiences of FKJ.”

V. Sanaya Ardeshir AKA Sandunes is a Mumbai-based producer and composer with a unique blend of electronica, UK garage and downtempo that is unmistakeable, always peppered with an idiosyncratic flavour.
”You should not miss FKJ, because this guy’s got more soul in his left pinky than most people do in their entire being! He’s a boss on so many instruments, watching him live would give you an acute depiction of just how organic his music is. It’s my go-to music at the end of the day, and he’s an absolute favourite. The recent track with Jordan Rakei is an incredible piece.”

VI. Paloma Monnappa is an actor/model and one half of Bombay-based Algorhythm.
”I don’t recall ever being this excited to watch someone live in my own country, we’ve played so many of his tunes in our sets in the past year and he is most definitely my current most favourite producer/DJ simply because his music is soulful, sexy, groovy and timeless. For those of you who haven’t heard of him, I urge you to make it for this particular gig, you won’t be disappointed! His live sets are nothing short of spectacular. FKJ is definitely raising the bar!”
Elaborating on the music she’s picked for us, she says, “I remember the first time I heard ‘Lying Together’, I was instantly hooked! Everything from the smooth intro to the vocals and guitar was just so infectious and beautiful. It’s everything that I look for in a song. His live sets are constantly playing in my room and they’re mixed to perfection, that’s really obvious! His transitions are just a joy to listen to and his music is all about ‘the feels’. I would definitely recommend checking out the creative session #1 FKJ set as well as the Elton Messy Sessions.”

VII. Sohail Arora is the founder of India’s first booking agency, Krunk, and is also an artist performing under the moniker EZ Riser.
”One of the most phenomenal live electronic acts that I’ve had the privilege of hosting this year. Cannot wait!”
”The ‘Time for A Change’ EP is for sure what got me into his music.”

VIII. Anant Ahuja AKA DJ Ase is one of the Indian flagbearers of MadStarBase, an international music crew with members representing USA, UK, Jamaica, and India. Based in New Delhi, him and dubSekhri (Neal Sekhri) produce music as well as dabble in a range of bootlegs and remixes and are the resident DJs at the House of bhane.

The FKJ India Tour is presented by KRUNK x Institut Français en Inde (IFI) in association with Homegrown x Pepsi MTV Indies x Roche Musique x Cliché Records, the tour’s going to have FKJ visiting four cities:

19 Feb: New Delhi :: Antisocial

20 Feb: Mumbai :: Bonobo – Bar.Love.Food.

21 Feb: Bangalore :: The Warehouse 

22 Feb: Pune :: The High Spirits!!

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