Food Talk India's Founder Picks 21 Of His Favourite Delhi Meals For Different Budgets

Food Talk India's Founder Picks 21 Of His Favourite Delhi Meals For Different Budgets
94,000 followers on Twitter. 194,000 likes on Facebook, 142,000 followers on Instagram. This is the kind of following Food Talk India has garnered since its inception. The wildly popular, entirely crowd-sourced initiative by Delhi-based entrepreneur, Shuchir Suri, has now become a household name in two of the largest cities in India – Delhi and Mumbai, and is fast gaining momentum in other metropolitan cities as well. Being a former marketing strategist and event professional, Shuchir combined his three passions – food, people and technology, and discovered a previously untapped territory. A closed, 48,000 member group on Facebook, FTI provides real time suggestions for just about every food related query one could possible have – from the best sushi in Delhi to must-visit restaurants in Bali. There are no culinary boundaries here, and the results are usually delicious. 
Keeping his expertise in mind, we had Shuchir curate a list of the his favourite dishes in Delhi. Right from the more indigenous options like shammi kababs to the more decadent availabilities like butter poached lobsters or succulent duck burgers--be prepared to grab your napkin, and dab that drool. 

I. Aloo Tiki @ Natraj Dahi Bhale

This is an iconic Delhi joint that serves up some of the best aloo tikis and dahi bhallas I've ever tasted.

Cost: Rs. 50 


II. Barrah Kebab @ Gulati Restuarant 

These barrah kebabs are quite possibly one of the best preparations of lamb chops.

Cost: Rs. 300 


III. Miso Cod @ Guppy by Ai

Black cod marinated in miso, baked and served on a hot stone - such an amazing earthy flavour!

Cost: Rs. 1850 


IV. Fried Oreo @ New York Slice

Such a decadent dish - oreos dipped in pancake batter, fried and finished off with a fine coating of sugar. Need I say more?

Cost: Rs 80


V. Sikandri Raan @ Kareems

One of my top must-haves in Delhi. The name literally translates to "Alexander's lamb", which is quite apt since this dish is fit for the royals.

sikandar raan, kareems, dutchlovin, biryani, delhi

VI. Gushtaba @ Ahad Sons

I'd definitely consider this one a delicacy. Lamb meatballs cooked in yoghurt - it couldn't be better.

Cost: Rs. 190


VII. Pork Belly Bun @ Pintxo

This one should be on everyone's pork bucket list. It has everything you've ever wanted.

Cost: Rs. 440


VIII. Shammi Kebabs @ Wengers

Wengers has been a childhood favourite and continues to remain one. The moment I step into this bakery, I step right back into the vicious circle of time.

Cost: Rs. 60


IX. Lamb Manoushe @ Zizo

I love this Lebanese rendition of a pizza topped with lamb and zattar.

Cost: Rs. 360 


X. Caramel Custard @ Delhi Golf Club

A creamy and scrumptious dessert prepared with caramelised sugar, and DGC has got it just right.


XI. Crispy Prawn Cheung Fun @ Dao

I find this to be an ideal starter to my meal. Covered in rice noodles, fried and then dropped in hot soy sauce, this one's not for the weak-hearted.

Cost: Rs. 475


XII. Peking Duck @ China Kitchen

I love Peking Duck for its thin, crisp skin and China Kitchen sure cooks up a mean version of it.

Cost: Rs. 3188


XIII. Chicken Liver Pate @ Hungry Monkey

Liver Pate is definitely an acquired taste. But Hungry Monkey serves up a great Pate with an onion jam that can change anyone's mind about this dish.

Cost: Rs. 375


XIV. Pulled Pork Taco @ Depot 29

Nothing beats a good, slow cooked, pulled pork taco in a soft shell.

Cost: Rs. 490

Pulled Pork Taco - Depot 29. Image Source:

XV. Stew and Appam @ Coast Cafe 

My all time favourite Sunday Hangover meal - fresh appams and steaming hot mutton stew.

Cost: Rs. 360

Coast-Cafe-Appam-And-Stew-Zomato Image Zomato, coast cafe, appam, stew

XVI. Chicken China Box @ Social

This hot, spicy chicken prepared with Naga chilli is my go-to comfort food while I work.

Cost: Rs. 280


XVII. Parma Ham and Scamorza Pizza @ Indigo Deli

Almost everything on the menu at the Deli is worth writing home about, but this wafer thin pizza tops the list for me any day of the week.

Cost: Rs. 725


XVIII. Duck Burger @ Chez Nini

There's a serious dearth of good French fare in India, but fortunately, Chez Nini does it just right. The Duck burger with a French twist hits the spot every time.

Cost: Rs. 795


XIX. Crispy Salmon Skin Roll @ Wasabi

The skin of salmon is best eaten crispy, and no one does it better than Wasabi. 


XX. Butter Poached Lobster @ Indian Accent 

This brilliant restaurant is known for several delicacies, but what does it for me would be the perfectly tender, flavourful butter-poached lobster.

Cost: Rs. 1795

XXI. Sea Bass in Goan Piri Piri Base @ Amaranta, The Oberoi

They say fish and spices don't go together but then again, who are 'they'?

Cost: You'll have to go there to find out. 


Words: Rhea Baweja 

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