Futuristic Glass-Ceiling Trains To Hit The Indian Rails This Month, Enjoy The View

Futuristic Glass-Ceiling Trains To Hit The Indian Rails This Month, Enjoy The View
Tony Hisgett

India is really stepping up its game when it comes to tourism and this month, we will see a new addition to the list of government improvements. The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) is planning to launch luxury train carriages with glass ceilings. The first carriage is set to roll out this month with three more being added in December.

The first will run through the idyllic Kashmir Valley while the later routes are set to go throught the equally picturesque Araku Valley in South India. The project was inspired by the glass-topped trains of Switzerland and these state of the art trains will be equipped with tons of opulent features to make passengers comfortable. From high-tech infotainment centres to rotating chairs with extra leg space these carriages are the very best that money can buy.

Image Credits: Tony Hisgett (Wikimedia Commons)

The purpose of these trains is to boost India’s standard in the International tourism game. As IRCTC Chairman AK Manocha puts it “The basic objective behind such a project is to promote tourism and woo upscale tourists from both India and abroad.” Though India has one of the largest rail networks on the planet there is little by way of rail tourism, aside from the hugely expensive options such as The Maharaja’s Express or the Palace On Wheels. All the other options that are available to are in a painfully shabby state which discourages middle class citizens from using the facilities for pleasure.

Each of these carriages is set to cost 4 crores to manufacture which may seem excessive but is in keeping with Modi’s plan to modernise the Indian railways. They estimate a total of Rs. 1.21 lakh crore will be spent in total on all the upgrades from introducing solar energy to a tie up with Dominoes for pizza delivery to stations. If these improvements reflect in the efficiency and revenue of the Indian railways perhaps we can really relish the advancements, until then we’ll keep waiting for our delayed trains and ponder the many other uses for that money may have had.

Words: Shireen Jamooji

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