Get Bombay’s Only Nalli Nihari Pav This Weekend

Get Bombay’s Only Nalli Nihari Pav This Weekend

Every end is a new beginning, Rohan Mangalorkar’s knows that. As Ramzan comes to a close, his food brand, Pack-A-Pav is giving Bombay the best new beginning – the glorious world of Iftaar.

What began in 2014 as a series of pop-ups using nothing but Mangalorkar’s mother’s recipes, evolved into their very first store in Bandra, and a recent addition in Juhu, serving up the most delicious, innovative pavs you can find in this city. Every month, Pack-A-Pav hosts a ‘Pav With Friends’, during which they invite a chef on board, cook and eat scrumptious new creations. This month, they decided to do something different. “We brainstormed, and wondered whether we should invite someone local who specializes in Ramzan food – perhaps a chef from Mohammad Ali Road, for example. However, we decided to use our own expertise.” And the result? “Everything is made in-house,” Mangalorkar tells Homegrown.

‘The Iftar Specials at Pack-a-Pav’ serves four unique, delectable specials – the bheja masala pav, made using his mother’s recipe, the mutton seekh pav, in the typical Bohri-style, this year’s special mutton kheema ghotala pav – which is a classic mutton kheema with a boiled egg and a half fry in the marination, and the dry nalli nihari pav – which is every non-vegetarian’s dream. “I personally went to Mohammad Ali Road and tried the nalli nihari pav, served usually with bones and gravy. We wanted to replicate it, but found that it was really difficult to put gravy inside the pav. We’ve come up with our own version of it – a dry nalli nihari,” Mangalorkar explains. “Shredding the meat out of the bone inside the pav has allowed us to preserve the authentic taste of the pav without placing the bone inside the pav.” Preparation for this succulent dish has already begun – “It takes six to seven hours to completely make it,” he says.

Although the mutton seekh is available generously around the city, Mangalorkar explains that the bheja masala and the nalli nihari are particularly hard to find. Seize this opportunity as it’s the last weekend to get a taste of these Iftar Special Pavs, and stimulate the tastebuds you never knew you had this weekend at Pack-A-Pav’s event. “We hope people go out and eat in the rain!” Mangalorkar exclaims.

‘Iftar Specials at Pack-a-Pav in collaboration with Mumbai Foodie’ is going to be held from Friday, June 15 to Saturday, June 16 from 12 pm to 12 am, at Pack-A-Pav’s Bandra and Versova outlets only. The mutton seekh, bheja masala, and nalli nihari pavs are for INR 160 each. The mutton kheema ghotala pav is for INR 180 – more details on the event page here.

If you’re at your laziest, Pack-A-Pav is delivering their special on Scootsy, Swiggy and Zomato as well!

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