Get Your Vegan Sweets & Treats From These Homegrown Bakeries

Get Your Vegan Sweets & Treats From These Homegrown Bakeries
(L) Pibbles Bakery ; Ve'Gon Eat (R)

A guilty pleasures take on many forms — one (or more) episodes of mindless TV shows, that extra bite of the cake, and even a rather beaten-up stuffed toy you’ve been holding on to since you were no more than five-years-old. More often than not, however, guilty pleasures have much to do with sweet treats and the irresistible urge to nibble on every cookie and cupcake in sight.

Vegan versions of these little treats might be slightly more challenging to access, but there are a few places you can peep into to satiate your sweet (but vegan) tooth.

I. Maloney’s

There is rarely ever a joy greater than the one experienced by gorging on some mom-made delights, and Maloney’s taps into just that. After witnessing the cruelty toward animals in the dairy industry, the brand was born out of an effort to reduce that in any way possible, and so they treat people to dairy-free cookies made by mothers who also fulfil the all-important role of homemakers.

Maloney’s ships all over India.

Find them here.

Image Courtesy: Maloney's

II. Pibbles Bakery

Based in Indiranagar in Bengaluru, Pibbles makes some of the most adorable bento cakes. These eye-catching mini cakes make for the perfect treat for more than a birthday, post-break-up, new job, or a general craving that must be fulfilled. Their ‘vanilla spongecake with blueberry frosting with fresh strawberries, blueberries and Indian cherries’ catches our eye immediately, so if we were you, we’d get our hands on it before the berries go out of season!

Find Pibbles here.

III. Ve’Gon Eat

What look like some of the most scrumptious baked goodies also play the part of delicious vegan treats. Just one look at their cookies makes us want to take a soulful bite of them (and don’t even get us started on the looks of their delectable Double Choco cookies). With a happy and upbeat vibe to the overall brand, Ve’Gon Eat is a must-try!

Ve’Gon Eat delivers only in Mumbai. Find them here.

Image Courtesy: Ve'Gon Eat

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