Head To This Heritage Farm In Sikkim To Experience Slow & Organic Living

Head To This Heritage Farm In Sikkim To Experience Slow & Organic Living
Yangsum Heritage Farm

A few days spent away from home, relaxing and soaking in all that’s on offer by the world is as close to rejuvenation as it gets. Often, the fanciness of hotels in major cities rarely ever provides us with the insightful escape we more often need.

Image Courtesy: Yangsum Heritage Farm

Yangsum Heritage Farm in Sikkim is the perfect blend of culture, slow living, and history. In Rinchenpong in West Sikkim lies this wondrous and quiet farm with the Khangchendzonga range in the background of an idyllic space, away from the crowds and worldly distractions. The 44-acre farmhouse was set up in 1833 and later remodelled in 1966. The Tibetan-style rooms are traditionally wood-panelled and come with private bathrooms attached.

It is run by Thendup Tashi and his wife, Pema. They take the initiative to grow organic foods across their grounds and prepare meals from the same. Pine, Himalayan Alder, Schima, Chestnut, Magnolia, Rhododendrons, Cherry, and other trees. Their cultivated agriculture yields them their daily requirements and living in tandem with nature is at the core of their existence.

Image Courtesy: Yangsum Heritage Farm

The fresh mist and crisp air in West Sikkim, paired with the down-to-earth lifestyle of Yangsum and their staff makes for the perfect set-up to take a step back and take in the North East for all that it is. The region’s beauty and self-sufficiency lie in the way they approach life, and at Yangsum, one can experience it first-hand.

Find Yangsum Heritage Farm here.

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