Heading To Goa? You Have To Try The Beef Cutlet Pao At This Little Joint

Heading To Goa? You Have To Try The Beef Cutlet Pao At This Little Joint

We’re talking about a slab of beef that has been beaten into soft submission, vinegar-tempered, marinated in a ginger garlic paste, and then rava fried. The man behind the counter then double folds this gorgeous cut of meat into a fresh, soft pao, throws in a bit of chopped cabbage, and voilà - you’ve got a hot pocket of tender beef begging you to bite into its crisp exterior. If you haven’t been introduced already, say hello to D’Silva’s Beef Cutlet Pao.

Since the early nineties one roadside restaurant, right in the heart of Miramar, has been guilty of feeding the gluttonous with the greasy goodness of Goan fast food. This joint bangs out smashingly good cutlet pao and sausage bread every day, from nine in the morning to eleven at night, and there’s almost always a queue in the cool of the evenings.

Any meat eater worth their salt should line up at the counter of this classic Goan joint and feast on this beast of a sandwich for INR. 70. Actually, scratch that, any real lover of hearty Goan fast food would smash two of D’Silva’s beef cutlet pao without batting an eyelash. So next time you’re cruising through the capital of India’s coastal tourist hub, swing by D’Silvas and dine at this centrally-located insitution for a taste that has endeared itself to many a Goans heart and tastebuds.

Feature Image Courtesy Of Lokaso

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