Heads Up, Mumbai! Maggi Pizza Is A Real Thing & We Know Where To Find It

Heads Up, Mumbai! Maggi Pizza Is A Real Thing & We Know Where To Find It

To say that 2016 has been the beacon of bad news is the grossest understatement we’ve ever heard. From the death of legends to the rise of clowns, we’ve seen it all. For the last few weeks, all we’ve asked for is for 2017 to be right around the corner, all bright and shiny and new. But if that doesn’t cut it for you, we’ve found just the thing that might. The food gods shed light to a certain Hungry Head in Powai, where two of our most favourite food groups have united to create one 8 inch miracle. That’s right - we’re talking about the Maggizza - a pizza with 5 different sauce options and maggi as a topping on all! Is this even real?


Arpit Kabra, Yash Patel and Rahul Daga decided to open a restaurant with the sole purpose to offer 50 different varieties of Maggi. Their experience with hotel management, food production and entrepreneurship coupled with their divine love for Maggi has made this dream a reality. Hungry Head offers an 8 inch pizza with 5 options to choose from - 3 cheese, Classic Veg, Oye Punjab (Paneer Tikka and Maggi star in this show), Chinese (schezuan sauce with Chinese veggies thrown in the mix) and the classic Margherita. All these pizzas have Maggi generously topping them, with a layer of cheese on top.
Arpit told us that the Maggizaa is one of the more popular items on the list, with an average order rate of 20 times a day. If you, like us, need something to believe in the world again we suggest you make the drive and get yourself a slice from Maggi heaven.

Feature image courtesy of Hungry Head

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