Here Are Some One Of A Kind Literary Adaptations Of Popular T. V. Shows

Here Are Some One Of A Kind Literary Adaptations Of Popular T. V. Shows

Content has become the cornerstone of our country’s pop-culture. With new shows cropping up every other second, the Indian consumer is hungry for fresh mediums to experience art. While you must’ve heard of shows adapted from books, have you ever heard of the reverse?

EPIC Channel, in association with Rupa Publications, has announced a one-of-a-kind literary adaptation of it’s TV Shows. Following its recent success of redefining infotainment content, EPIC Channel has launched three books adapted from its immensely popular series’ – Umeed India, Sharanam and Dharmakshetra.

Cricketing legend Virendra Sehwag and the anchor of Umeed India shares his excitement, “It has been an immensely enriching journey meeting the young stalwarts of the Indian sporting fraternity. Their tales of grit and determination have been an inspiration and I’m extremely excited to see their stories in print. With the series being adapted to a book, it fills me with hope, and pride that the stories will be read, treasured, and passed on. I congratulate EPIC Channel for their successful show, which is infotainment in true sense. I also congratulate Rupa Publications for transforming the episodes of the show into easy-to-read stories, that I am certain will help inspire a new generation of young achievers.”

‘Umeed India with Virender Sehwag’, chronicles 13 gripping stories of Indian athletes who have worked hard to bring glory and honour to the nation. Through anecdotes and gut-wrenching real stories, the book takes readers on a journey of inspiration and courage. ‘Sharanam with Juhi Chawla’ explores the diverse spiritual facets of religious practices, traditions and places of worship in India. Visiting prominent pilgrimage spots from every corner of the country, the book tells the stories of the places through the eyes and experiences of the pilgrims who repose their faith in these deities. While the third book, ‘Dharmakshetra – The Great Trail after Kurukshetra’ is a thrilling courtroom drama that examines the events of the Mahabharata.

With these exciting releases, EPIC is cutting across mediums and delivering unique experiences for its audience. If you want to read some of these compelling books, head over to your nearest bookstore or check it out on Amazon here - Umeed India, Sharanam and Dharmakshetra.

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