HG Recommends: Our Picks At The Bombay Local Food Fest This Saturday

HG Recommends: Our Picks At The Bombay Local Food Fest This Saturday
We’re of the belief that food holds immense power to shape your mood. You may not be what you eat, but you definitely feel what you eat. Having said that, if you’re in Mumbai this weekend and on a lookout for a real culinary experience, allow us to give you a sneak peek into the city’s first homegrown food festival.
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HG recommends

I. Between Breads – Quick. Casual. Tasty.

“The idea behind BB was to get in great Sandwiches and Burgers from the west and make it more reachable,
Watch out for: Bombay Local Sandwich, Greek Lamb Burger, Chicken Oriental Burger, and Falafel Burger.

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II. Bhuira Jams – All Natural. Handmade in Himachal.

Watch out for: Marmalade and Black Cherry Preserve.
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III. Dibs on Dips – Happy. Young. Yummy.

Good food defines the success of every occasion'
Watch out for: Sundried Tomato Waffle, Hummus & Pepper Waffle, Caramel waffle, and Dips & Chips.
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IV. Fat is Flavour – Rustic. Revolutionary. Toothsome.

Watch out for: Chocolate Fudge Soil, Double Chocolate Brownie Soil, Davidoff Coffee Soil, and Nutella Crunch Soil.
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V. Flat Tummies – Natural. Nutritious. Addictive.

“I realized there are millions of people who have similar needs for nutrition and health but are deprived as they are not readily available in the market,”
Watch out for: Vegan ice-creams and nutritious frozen desserts. All products are gluten free, dairy free, chemical free and free from refined sugar.
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VI. Flavours of Sindh – Simple. Homemade. Sindhi.

I love my food and am very passionate about it but most importantly, I love to feed,
Watch out for: Mirchi Bhaijiya Chaat

VII. Food Gone Mad – Escape the Typical.

Watch out for: Mac & Cheese Pizza, Exotic Pizza, Margherita Pizza and Chargrilled Rolls.
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VIII. Good Juicery – Refreshingly Different. Naturally Delightful.

Watch out for:
Bloody Peru bar- a combination of sparkling guava juice with Bhut Jalokia sauce from Pico.
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IX. JusDivine – Healthy. Quality. Taste.

Watch out for: Orange, Apple Kale Spinach and Almond Mango Coconut.
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X. Katy’s Kitchen – Traditional. Tasty. Fresh.

Watch out for: The Bheja Cutlets, Dhansakh, Patra Ni Machchhi, Pakki Keri Ma Gos, and The Falooda.

XI. Le Kitchen, Catering and More – Innovative. Young. Honest.

Watch out for: Amritsari Kulcha and Cheese Kulcha.
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XII. Mystic Kitchen Colors – Buttery. Flavourful. Multipurpose.

Watch out for: White butter with flavours such as Mango, Coffee & Honey, and Sour & Spicy.
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XIII. Onesta – Simple Joys. Quality. Creativity.

Watch out for: Classic Cheese, Schezwan, and Cookies ‘n’ Cream flavoured popcorn.
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XIV. Pack A Pav – Packs A Punch

‘simple, has a wide audience, and is most importantly delicious and decidedly Indian
Watch out for: Mutton Shami Pav served with hung curd basil dip & red garlic paste topped with fried onion.
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XV. Poppaddum – Traditional. Authentic. Homely

Watch out for: Date pickle, Stuffed Idli and Natholi fry with dip.
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XVI. The Bohri Kitchen – Bohri. Food. Coma.

an experimental, Bohri-home dining concept run by a 3 member team – the Home Chef, Nafisa Kapadia; The Chief Operations Officer, Turab Kapadia & The Chief Eating Officer, Munaf Kapadia”
Watch out for: Live Mutton Kheema Samosa's, Jeera Rice topped with Kaju Chicken and egg slices, and complimentary drinks – Kachha Keri and Rose Sharbat with Nimbu.

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XVII. The Spotted Cow Fromagerie – Artisanal. Authentic. Local.

Watch out for: French style cheeses – Brie and Camembert, and Italian Style fresh Cheese – The Robiola.

XVIII. YOSAI – Healthy. Fresh. Quick.

Watch out for:
Stir Fried Chicken, Kung Pao Potatoes, and Make Your Wok.
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Tickets to the event can be bought on Insider.

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Words: Sushant Kumar

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