HGListen: Electronic Duo Burudu’s Latest 4-Track EP Is Freshly Eclectic

HGListen: Electronic Duo Burudu’s Latest 4-Track EP Is Freshly Eclectic

Fresh, emotive, groovy – electronic duo Burudu’s latest EP, Speaking of Listening is all that and much more.

Comprising of New Delhi’s Sahil Bhatia and Mumbai’s Nakul Sharma, Burudu has been making waves in India’ independent music industry ever since it’s inception in 2012. They’ve definitely come a long way from making music in the college dorms with a couple of fascinating projects under their belt.

2019 was a particularly prolific year for the band. In April, they released a five-track EP titled, Royal Almonds under Belgium act Stavroz’s record label, Moodfamily. They followed it with the four-track EP, Speaking of Listening.

“The idea was to have this sense of loss between what is spoken and what is being heard, a feeling of disconnection. The opposite of the idea of communication, if you will. Information being lost or even going into the void, it being transmitted but not received at the other end”, says the band. The entire project is consistent with charming production accompanied by serene vocals. Sonically, the EP is rich and diverse with a unique curation of reversed sampled motifs. It makes you think, sway and smile.

The lead single, ‘Llamas’ was released with a rather vibrant lyric video by Rohan Sinha aka Dolorblind. The artwork for the EP by Anand Radhakrishnan reflects on the larger lack of miscommunication the band is trying to highlight.

All in all, Speaking of Listening definitely represents a touchstone moment of Burudu’s creative trajectory and it’s exciting to see where they take it from here.

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