#HGPlaylist || Sarah Elizabeth Chawla

#HGPlaylist || Sarah Elizabeth Chawla

Sarah Elizabeth Chawla is a ray of fucking sunshine. She’s so wonderful and charming and perfectly polite that it felt necessary to balance out my initial assessment of her with profanity. One half of the incredible duo (the other half’s her husband, Munbir) who happen to run one of India’s premier alternative music & culture magazines, The Wild City, they managed to uproot their London lives, create a base in India’s capital, set up one of the best alternative music magazines (a Homegrown favourite) start their own label under the moniker Vital Sines, promote and host some of the best independent music events in the country and of course, execute the most amazing festival we’ve ever seen in India - Magnetic Fields Festival. In a nutshell, in the few short years they’ve been here, Sarah & Munbir have become more integral to the alternative Indian landscape than anyone could have imagined.

Given the above-mentioned repertoire to back her up, we’re sure it goes without saying that her aural sensibilities are well ahead of the game. Here’s what she had to say about this little HG Playlist she curated for us:

”Balmy summer days/nights. It’s too hot to move, you’ve suffered under the air conditioning all day and it’s time to give in to the relentless heat, resign yourself to very little movement and celebrate the couple of degrees of coolness that the night yields. A playlist for giving in to and surviving the Indian summer.” 

I. Wake up soundtrack– first coffee in bed and emails on the phone.

Stateless: Bloodstream

II. After a lukewarm shower – watching water evaporating from your body at a speed it shouldn’t.
Nosaj Thing: Eclipse/Blue

III. Drive to work – letting out the inner beast on the steaming roads.
Ben Khan: Eden

IV. Secret afternoon audio binge in the cool office.
Sulk Station: Feather Remix

V. The 5 o’clock itch – creative and constructive thoughts are futile, home and food on the mind.
David Lynch Featuring Karen O: Pinky’s Dream

VI. Back home – to work or not to work?
Emika: Wicked Game

VII. Just one more G&T – savouring the last moments of the night.
Monsoonsiren & Tom Day: Love Is Rare

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