#HGPlaylist 31: Tunes To Look Forward To At The Magnetic Fields Post Parties

#HGPlaylist 31: Tunes To Look Forward To At The Magnetic Fields Post Parties
031 MagneticFieldsPlaylist

[In case you missed the most beautiful Indian music festival experience there is last weekend, we feel for you, we do. But there is some good news. The organisers have a double whammy of Magnetic Fields post parties lined up across two cities, so you have your chance at being a part of something special. Scroll down till the end for more details.]
Unravelling hems, dusty boots, bodies tilted skyward, wandering poets, treasure hunts, royal feasts and of course—the kind of tensed muscles only 9 straight hours of dancing can bring about. The setting was every tone of desert beige, ensconced in the opulence of a Rajasthani palace, teetering on the verge of being verdant but never quite getting there. And every bedouin, every royal, every citizen who took part in that surreal experience, returned to their parallel realities changed forever.

Magnetic Fields Festival begets fairytale openings. If we’re entirely honest, it’s been 4 days since we returned from the Rajasthani desert, and we still haven’t been able to wrap our heads around the magic that was created during this second edition. Despite a turnout that almost tripled(proof that there’s nothing quite as powerful as word of mouth in India), and other unpredictable obstacles that were placed in the organisers’ paths, we can vouch for the fact that all the intimacy, the beauty, and the stellar musical moments of the first year were not only recreated, but also surpassed. Not exactly an easy, or expected feat, for any festival.
For all those of you who missed it, we feel for you, we do. But luckily for us, this time round, the knights of the festival’s round table decided to carry the torrent of musical energy forth with their post-parties in Bombay and Pune, so at least you have your opportunity to share in some slice of the pie.

[Watch this video we produced, shot by Sachin S. Pillai, from last year’s festival below]

Since the line-up isn’t exactly the most mainstream, we wouldn’t blame you if you’re still wondering what to expect. That’s why we put together two of our favourite tunes from each of the artists scheduled to play at the post parties, basing our choices on the incredible energy we witnessed at the festival itself.

Scroll on to navigate the musical map of our journey at Magnetic Fields festival:

I. Dream Koala

The 21-year-old dream pop-making Parisian had probably generated the most amount of buzz amidst Indian music fans prior to the festival, but we doubt anyone expected a set quite so intense and involving. We’ve been covering music for many years now, and we’re willing to say that very few musical moments have moved us like this. The air was frigid, but his voice warmed everyone’s insides and it’s rare to witness so many people stay so still, and so silent, until the artist asks you to do otherwise.

Image Credit - cheads.com

Here are two of his own bedroom-produced tracks (he was humble enough to admit he could never have imagined his childish experimentation might have led him to an audience in India, let alone Rajasthan) that really blew our minds on Day 2 of the festival.

A. Odyssey

His rendition of this most famous of his sonic creations, continued to weave in and around a lot of his set, with samples from it making their entrance like unexpected treasures at unpredictable moments. Watch out for it, it’s bound to make an appearance at the post-party set.

B. Saturn Boy

Just no words. Sit back and enjoy his dreamy melodies.

You can listen to more of his music here.

II. DJ Vadim

Vadim’s sets probably aren’t best for the uninitiated. As one of the most legendary DJs and producers of all time, with his prolific and incredible production in the hip-hop meets soul meets reggae meets electronica space for over two decades now, he was probably the most anticipated act out there for any of the old-soul crew; and they’re not in short supply at this festival. At least 75% of the audience are musician’s musicians and they know their shit cold.

Image Credit - yveskrier.com

It’s difficult to predict what any of his sets are going to be like considering he’s unlikely to do the same thing twice, but here are two we love anyway. A girl can hope, right? :

A. DJ Vadim - Sweet Like A Lolly Ft. Govenor Tiggy

B. DJ Vadim - Soldier Feat. Big Red & 5 Nizza

And one bonus, where he features on a Foreign Beggars track:

C. Black Hole Prophecies

Listen to more of his music here.

III. My Panda Shall Fly

It’s difficult to describe an artist as visual, as poetic and as artistic as Sri Lankan-born, London-raised My Panda Shall Fly in a medium as limiting as words. Though limitations are a good place to start, because from what we witnessed at the festival: he doesn’t have any. Building a nest for himself somewhere between shoe-gaze and post-rock, the amount of sound manipulation and experimentation that goes into his live performances will leave your head spinning, so drop every expectation you ever had right now.

Image Credit - liveforthefunk.com

Here’s some stuff we hope we get to witness more of:

A. Japanese Woman

The perfect representation of all the quirk that makes this man up.

B. Rainfall

A little treat for the visually-interested lot, as well, in the form of this video.

Listen to more of his music here.

IV. B. Visible

Full disclosure—-we personally missed this entire set at the festival but if the very royal grapevine was anything to go by, this wasn’t any kind of let down either. Something of an online recluse, the Austrian artist describes himself as part-time graphic designer and a part-time beatmaker/DJ.

Image Credit - duzzdowndan.net

Here are two wonderful tracks to help you get right into it:

A. Catch 

B. Very Sorry

Listen to more of his music here.

Details of both the after parties are as follows:


Date: 19th December (TONIGHT) Venue: Blue FrogTime: 9 p.m. onwards Price: Rs. 500 advance, more on the door. You can buy your tickets here. Full Line Up: DJ Vadim, B Visible, Dream Koala, My Panda Shall Fly


Date: 20th December Venue: Blue Frog Time: 9 p.m. onwards Price: Rs. 500 advance, more on the door. You can buy your tickets here. 

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