#HGPlaylist 33: Blond:ish Share Their Favourite Tunes For Life's Stranger Moments

#HGPlaylist 33:  Blond:ish Share Their Favourite Tunes For Life's Stranger Moments
033 BlondIsh
As part of the #sLlickTurns4 celebrations, we've got Blond:Ish, one of Montreal, Canada’s best musical exports these days, undertaking a 3-city tour spanning the cities of Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune. The name is purely ironic considering how the DJ/Producer duo (Vivie-ann and Anastacia) have become a force to be reckoned with for their ability to have constructed a serious space for themselves in the over-saturated world of electronic music. In this age of nothing-else-matters-if-you-can't-put-on-a-good-show, they’ve nailed knowing just how to entertain and perform live.
As excited as we are to hear them at Kitty Su in Mumbai this Saturday, we thought it'd be interesting to get a taste of their more personal music choices - a glimpse into some of their favourite tracks, and when they're most inclined to tune in to them, HGPlaylist style. Namely, picking their favourite tunes for all the (weird) experiences life tends to throw your way. One thing's for sure: these girls know exactly who they are, and exactly how to make a playlist leaving the listener wondering about their myriad influences.

I. TLC - Waterfalls

Anstascia: "For when you need to pee and can't - I'll sing this to myself when I get pee freeze... it always works. Just visualise lakes and waterfalls."

II. Deva Premal - Gayatri Mantra (2 hours)

"Relaxation. I listen to this when I want to relax or have a long massage... It's a very powerful, ancient mantra. Deva’s voice gets you in a zone.. it's so mesmerizing."

III. Govinda Jaya Jaya

"Not only does it make me all happy and put me in good spirits first thing in the morning, it also gets me hopping around the house … if your neighbour sees me, it'd definitely be an amusing site."

IV. Commodores - Nightshift

"Nostalgic family memories vibe.  My dad played this track on a lot of his reel II reel mixtapes growing up, and then I played it in the room right before my sister walked down the aisle getting married… brings back good memories!"

V. Angus & Julia stone - Paper Aeroplane

"This is for when I’m feeling like I'm missing someone special.. the lyrics are really perfect."

VI.  Jozif - Cathy’s Diamonds

"The ultimate sunrise track...always brings everyone together on one vibe. A really special moment track."

VI. G-man - Quo Vadia

"For those old-school techno moments. This track was made in 1994 but it could have been played when it first came out or today, and it'll still get the same timeless reaction!"

Come party with Blond::ish this weekend for the #sLlickTurns4 celebrations In Hyderabad, Mumbai & Pune. Attend the event HERE or click on the image below.

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