#HGPlaylist || Himanshu Suri

#HGPlaylist || Himanshu Suri

Himanshu Suri is a Punjabi-American rapper, founder of Greedhead Music, and native New Yorker. He launched his solo career while a member of alternative hip-hop group Das Racist. After Das Racist split in late 2012, Heems headed to Bombay and began work on his official debut solo effort. Riz Ahmed (a.k.a. Riz MC) and Himanshu decided to combine their musical talents and form a duo called Sweat Shop Boys. They’ve just finished filming a few video’s for their upcoming album, Cashmere. Sahir Ludhianvi is one of his favourite writers, and he makes rap music with Indian samples because he grew up listening to his dad’s collection of Mohd. Rafi, and rap in Queens. Suri wants to change the face of independent rap – and make some money in the meantime. He may not be a cash king yet, but he’s far from your typical independent rapper.

I. “Hopped out the motherfucking bed”. Young Thug f/ Birdman - Constantly Hating

This song is great to bump when you first arise as it begins with the words “hopped out the motherfucking bed”. My parents like to listen to religious music in the morning. Rap is my religion. Also, it’s nice to wake up feeling like a g.

II. “Dragged a comb across my head”. The Beatles - A Day in the Life

I already hopped out of bed to Young Thug so I can’t fall out of bed to the Beatles. Ever heard of them? Luckily the next line is about combing one’s hair and I have to do that in the morning as well.

III. “I’m going to take a stab at this”. Grizzly Bear - Ready Able

The toughest part of writing a novel each day is beginning it. When I need to take a stab at work I listen to music that isn’t too verbose and more melodic so I can focus on my words. Also, the beautiful part at the end reminds me of 50’s or 60’s Bollywood.

IV. “I’m in the kitchen”. Soulja Boy f/ Lil B - Cooking Dance

When I’m cooking lunch or eating it’s only natural I do the Cooking Dance.

V. “And in a year or so this will slip into the sea”. Beirut - Nantes

I’ve been staying in Goa and will be here another 3 months. When it’s time for me to go into the sea I like to listen to Beirut.

VI. “And all I rock is Balmain like I make that shit”. Meek Mill f/ Swizz Beatz - Classic

When I gotta get dressed - get fly - before I go out I listen to rap again. Rap’s a great soundtrack to stunt to. When I dress I’m usually stunting. Feel me?

VII. “I just took a perc now I’m on another level” Meek Mill f/ Future - Jump Out The Face

Now the night time has arrived and I’m finna go out and wild. Perfect time for more rap because I’m almost positive I won’t be hearing Future, Young Thug or Meek Mill in Goa, unless it’s in my house.

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