#HGPlaylist || Merrylin Boro

#HGPlaylist || Merrylin Boro

From a young age Merrylin was enthralled by the fashion world but it wasn’t until she was studying fashion in University that she decided to try out the world of modelling for herself. She loves her work and enjoys the artistic freedom she has to create an image that she will always be proud of. She is absolutely happy when she’s in front of a camera and just loves how it feels. Today, she is represented by Vogati Talents and has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar and was handpicked for a Tommy Hilfiger spread in Grazia.

Throughout her success she’s always held a special love for music, whether it’s that uplifting early morning track or a soft sundowner the soundtrack of her life is as unique as she is.

Scroll on to find out what’s on Merrylin’s ideal playlist:

I. First thing in the morning

I like listening to this after I wake up, very literal but its such a feel good song that elicits sunshine feelings and puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day, given I’m not a morning person this helps.

II. Shower Jam

I’m not one of those people that can spend hours in the shower, but as long as this is on repeat i will stay there till the water runs out

III. Getting ready -

I pretend to be Kali Ulchis while putting on a lipstick, it puts me in the mood

IV. When chilling alone -

When home alone, its normal to be dancing to this…..a sight not to be seen

V. Dance party -

I can not sit when this song is playing

VI. Roadtrip -

This is always part of all my road trip playlists

VII. When you’re alone and need to escape -

Everyone has times when you want to escape the world, connect and disconnect all at the same time, this is a track that transports me to another place.

VIII. Feeling confident -

This has to be one of my favourite all time tracks! Don’t have to have had a break up but its all about being confident and not taking shit

IX. Festival song

OMG Vaccines Do me…wrong, seriously do i need to say more?

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