#HGPlaylist || Uttara Mendonsa

#HGPlaylist || Uttara Mendonsa

“My life is music,” confesses XX-year-old Uttara Mendonsa—the part GigMama, part dog-whisperer, part music-crazy hybrid we cornered into providing us an #HGplaylist (they include the playlist maker’s favourite songs for very specific life moments) this week. As an artist manager for the past nine years, her ability to get things done without trampling on either egos or feelings is well revered in the music business, but she has a simpler explanation for her career choice. “It was my sole excuse to be around music constantly. It’s my fix,” she says.

Though she admits it’s clichéd, she’s been living and breathing music for as long as she can remember—something she has her mother (and Paul Simon’s Graceland) to thank for. For someone who’s as immersed in the music scene as Uttara, it’s perhaps fitting that she can’t quite describe her music taste, or define it in a fixed way, choosing instead to label it a confusing, ‘confusing’. “That range is wide,” she laughs, “but more recently, I’ve been focused a lot on funk and disco.” She enjoys spending her days off listening to vinyls she obsessively collects, and confesses that Vulfpeck is an artist she’s most looking forward to watching live.

As you might have already gauged, her playlist is the stuff a happy Sunday session in should be made of so bookmark it for the right time.

Scroll on to immerse yourself in the whole thing.

I. Ben L’oncle Soul - Back For You

This one’s my morning sonic fix, my soul-laden daily wake up call that can get me smiling.

II. The Allman Brothers Band - Jessica

I need this boost of familiarity at least twice a day, it’s my daily trip to the Filmore East.

III. Michael Landau - That Day

I play terrible air bass. That being said, this is played in the house or in the car constantly. The bass line is so good.

IV. C2C - Happy

Here’s some electro-swing goodness that can make my weekend. Dare you to sit still when the song kicks in. I never can. Perfect pre-party vibes.

V. Erykah Badu – Tyrone

It’s been on my playlist for over a decade, it’s not leaving anytime soon. She’s the queen (try her when you’re feeling particularly sassy). This one is one of those never-exit-the-playlist tracks.

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