#HGPlaylist || Horsepowar

#HGPlaylist || Horsepowar

Vancouver-based musician Jasleen Powar a.k.a Horsepowar is no stranger to the stage. A theatre graduate and long-time slam poet, Jasleen has always used her biting wit and powerful words to make her point. In the sixth grade, she was encouraged by a teacher to start writing poetry and when - years later - she set those poems to beats, she established herself in the Rap world.

Her hard-hitting lyrics hold reflections of her Sikh heritage and the background samples from 1990s Bollywood emphasise her Desi roots. She cites her main inspiration as her brother, Jason. He was responsible for her start in theatre and his death was her catapult into poetry. Some of her musical heroes include Nelly Furtado, M.I.A and System of a Down but she also draws a lot of motivation from internet desi girls like Hatecopy (Maria Qamar), Babbu the Painter, Keerat Kaur and Maieli, whose controversial work mirror her own.

Scroll on to find out which songs made it to her #HGPlaylist—as the soundtrack to some of life’s less dramatic moments, and some of its finer ones as well.

I. You’ve Got a Friend In Me - Randy Newman - My Alarm Clock

It’s the best way to wake up. It’s soft, delicate, truthful, loving and a good reminder that in a world that owes you nothing, you give everything. My community is my friend and they have my back like I have theirs. Starting my day with this song, or listening to it at any point in the day makes me ooze happiness and love and brings me back to remembering all my friends, which puts a big-ass smile on my face.

II. 100 % - D.R.A.M. - With Your Boo <3

This song is so groovy, well the entire Big Baby D.R.A.M. album is super groovy, one of my faves of 2016. It just makes me want to sing this song out loud to my boo.

III. Woman - Angel Olsen - Reminding Myself How Powerful I Am As A Woman

It’s 7:37 long, the perfect time to run all possible thoughts of how you feel at that exact moment. I love how this song has a slow, luring beginning. It reminds me how to be patient and to feel tender. Ain’t gonna front, this song is perfect to cry to (but i have more of those). When I’m feeling insecure, in any aspect, this song sings out loud to shake me out of my funk by saying, “I dare you to understand what makes me a woman” and that line has resonated with me since I’ve heard it. This song truly depicts what a woman is— graceful, intelligent, powerful, loving, and alluring.

IV. Sphynx - La Femme - Driving The Highway To Hell 666!!!

From the beginning to the end, this song encapsulates the perfect driving tune. Definitely gives the car commercial vibe and I love it. You feel focused but able to dream. It’s eerie, majestic, and sexy. This tune makes me want to take a road trip along the Swiss Alps in my fiat. Salut! Oh, and the video is fucking LITTTTT BREHH!!


This song just boosts how fly I feel and how sexy I am. I’m sure everyone feels the same when Rihanna sings “Sex with me is amazing, with her it’ll feel all right :\ ‘meh’ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

VI. Gypsy Woman - Joe Bataan - Doobie Session With The Home Girls

I swear the beginning he’s saying “She smokes pot, ha, she smokes pot” and that’s enough for me to rep this oldie gem. They don’t make music like this anymore. It makes me want to slip on my jazz shoes and get in the groove of patabores and pointed toes. Shout out Pacuguey for the intro.

VII. When You’re Good To Mama - Queen Latifah (Chicago) - Pre Show Ritual

Before playing a show, I like to get in the mood, warm up my vocals, goof around, move my body. The perfect song for me is from a childhood favourite musical, Chicago. I’m a theatre lover and I practiced Musical Theatre back in the day.. so it only makes sense why my go-to is this jazzy song. Also, Queen Latifah kills it on sass which is what I try to embody for my show. I swear, once you hear this song, you’ll want a daily dose of it!

VIII. Big Bertha Butt Boogie - Jimmy Castor - When You Want To Release The Party Animal & Get Real Groovy ;)

I heard this song at an after hours in LA, I was twisting up some of that bill murray jane and my brother was in town. The moment was so perfect. This jam came on and my limbs could not stop moving and grooving. Now, this track has become one of my go-to songs to get everyone’s butt to boogie.

IX. Giggin’ - Mac Dre - When You Touch Down In The Bay Area

Rest In Peace Mac Dre. I am a dancer. And this is that dance song. This is that moment. That moment when you show off all the moves. Can you gig????????????????? I’m definitely giggin. Also, this being pre- nae-nae/whip/ju ju/NEW MOVE ALERTS. Issa da real move.

X. Chic’N’Stu - System Of A Down - When You Order Pizza

Pick up the phone, call your fave pizza joint, sadly I order dominos but they got deals..anyway, recite SOAD’s lyrics “what a splendid pie/ pizza pizza pie/ every minute every second/ buy buy buy buy buy/ PEPPERONI AND GREEN PEPPERS MUSHROOMS OLIVES CHIVES”. And I guarantee a tasty ass pizza.

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