Bihar’s Eerie Ghost Festival Is Attended By Both Spirits & Witch Doctors

Bihar’s Eerie Ghost Festival Is Attended By Both Spirits & Witch Doctors
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They say that ghosts of the past talk to those who listen. And if you listen to the voices, intently; you’d know their story, their motive and their struggles. Whether it’s a djiin, a troubled spirit, or a Lasi; the ordeals of encounters with the devil could be horrible to say the least. We’ve all heard of ghost and ghost stories that make rounds on campfire nights and spooky sleepovers, but what if we were to tell you that you could witness the bizarre paranormal energy in all its element for real? All you need to do is travel to the hinterlands of Bihar, for a village here hosts its very own ‘ghost fair, and 50% of the people who come here are possessed.

The week-long ghost fest, vernacularly called the ‘Ghinahu Brahm Mela’, is held at Natwar village in the Rohtas district, every year during the Durga Puja. It has been organised for the last 30 years and is attended by people from all over the country who believe to have been cursed or possessed by evil spirits and feel that exorcism is the only way out. “This is like a supreme court for spirits”; Raju; a priest, also an M.SC in Computer Applications tells this source here. “First the application or the complaint of both the sides is heard out by the Chief Justice a.k.a Baba who takes a judgment on why the person has been possessed. Then, the plan of action is figured out”; he adds. The ‘action’ can range anything from ‘brutal beating’ of the victim to free the ghost to a fire test.

“When we are at home, the blankets and bedsheets start moving in their own accord. We have come here to get rid of such paranormal activities,” a woman named Anju, told the Huffington Post. “I have been coming here since 1980. People get absolutely rid of such things. We come here to offer prayers to the deities. We will worship, stay here for the night and then leave for home,” added another devotee, Kumar.

If the recent news about Bihar’s liquor loving rats; surprised (err...disgusted) you, then this is guaranteed to give you the creeps. Bihar’s liquor loving ‘ghosts’ miss being in high spirits (quite literally) and this seems to be the main issue of the festival since the last year. The village at night, is filled with people dancing in a state of trance, and offering prayers at the sacred wall of the holy pace. The self-proclaimed sorcerers and tantrics here, who demand red wine and ‘desi murgi’ exclaim that these are supposedly the ghost’s favourite and are important to the process of exorcism.

However, with the alcohol ban being enforced in the state last year, many victims of the paranormal bemoaned their inability to present wine. Last October, in a village in the Masaurhi block of Patna district, the Ojha, or the ‘witch doctor’ failed to revive a girl who had died of a snake bite due to the ‘lack of wine’; as reported by the Daily Pioneer. However, the sorcerers seemed to have provided the lamenting victims some solace by ‘convincing’ the ghosts to go off with a condition that they will be provided wine once the prohibition is lifted.

Who is to say if it’s the ghosts or the tantrics that are greedy for the wine; but to us it looks like this beautiful drink seems to be the solution to everything.

To witness the Ghost Festival in all its glory, click here to watch the documentary on the same by ScoopWhoop & News Laundry.

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