Hipcask Guide: 40 Places You Can Get Craft Beer In Mumbai Tonight

Hipcask Guide: 40 Places You Can Get Craft Beer In Mumbai Tonight

It’s almost Friday night and you don’t have plans yet? Hipcask’s got your back as always. In case you, like us, started on a Thursday instead of a Saturday and you’re not really feeling that shots-all-night vibe, this is the map that’s going to slow down the pace, even while quenching your thirst.

Hipcask’s worked out yet another snazzy yet uber helpful infographic that plots our the meteoric rise of craft beer in the city. They’ve got a craft beer crawl coming up very soon so watch this space for more news and in the meantime, choose a bar/ restaurant nearest to you.

“Mumbai is finally an exciting city for craft beer lovers. 

It’s been a little under 2 years and the city has gone from a single microbrewery to soon over 55 bars serving locally brewed craft beer. The Barking Deer, Mumbai’s first brewpub launched in late 2013, followed by Gateway Brewing Company and The White Owl in 2014.

This year has already seen Andheri based brewpub Brewbot open their taps and Pune based Doolally and Independence Brewing Company introduce their brews in Mumbai. That means at any point of time, there are at-least 25 different craft beers on tap and Andheri is emerging to be the craft beer hub in the city.

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