Hipcask Says: "Calm down, Old Monk Isn’t Going Anywhere"

Hipcask Says: "Calm down, Old Monk Isn’t Going Anywhere"
[Editor’s Note: Our generation has been raised on ‘newsfeed news,’ and as a publication that thrives on this very phenomenon, we’d be the last to make bones about it. Over the last few days, two scrolls would be enough to either tell you that Pluto has a heart-shaped mark on it, or a volley of posts that are either eulogising Old Monk before its time or spreading rumours about its dwindling sales with borderline terrifying implications for loyalists. We’re not here to name names. There’s some truth to both but the key words here are ‘before its time.’ Titles have a way of misleading readers but it’s every reader’s duty to take everything with a pinch of salt or read enough on any particular topic of interest to, well, read between the lines. Hipcask, our go-to guide for anything credible as far as alcohol consumption and India are concerned, just came out with a fantastic editorial in response to the hundreds of R.I.Ps being sent out towards the country’s most iconic rum brand, and we couldn’t help but think everyone could benefit from reading it. Especially those that were banishing Old Monk to an early grave. So pull out your shovels and get digging, Old Monk’s nowhere near dead yet. Here’s Sayoni Bhaduri on why we all need to calm down.] 
Troubling Times
A Rum For All Ages
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