#Homebound: The Devil’s Apothecary

#Homebound: The Devil’s Apothecary
Shreya Takodara for Homegrown

Your luck betrayed you! You’ve lost the game and your partner is already up on their feet to take you around the house.

“Wait, why are you so excited to look around this haunted house of a mansion?”

“I love scary things!”

You’ve never heard that before. Something is definitely not right.

You follow your partner through yet another corridor and slow down as you walk by what looks like a kitchen. It doesn’t come as a surprise that the whole kitchen is dusty and basically a space for spiders to spin cobwebs.

Pat.. Pat.. Pat

“Was that tap always on?!” you shriek as you suddenly hear the kitchen sink dripping.

“What tap?”

You stare at your partner in disbelief and turn to clearly see murky, brown water making its way out of the rusty old tap. As you turn back around to point it out to them, you see nobody in the kitchen any more.

“I’m in here!” You hear a faint voice coming from a room within the kitchen. Ah, it’s the pantry – no weirder than the kitchen. Or so you think. Everything in the house is old, but all the food here is fresh. Leafy greens, grains, milk... How is all this here?

“Let’s have some tea!” Your partner screams excitedly. Your previous doubts are being confirmed – your partner is now abnormally jittery, sweaty and unlike themselves. Rightfully, you begin to worry.

“Tea doesn’t seem like a good idea. Hey, why don’t we head back home? I feel a headache coming on,” you say as you try to leave this house of abnormalities.

“Sit. Down.” Your partner says sternly, now with a straight face. You’ve never seen them this way before. With bouts of unexpected giggles for no apparent reason, your partner finds a way to clean the utensils and make some tea. You are now too wary to make any sudden moves.

They are now chanting “must make master happy” under their breath, and you are now convinced that your partner is possessed.

“Tea’s ready!”

You’re in two minds – should you accept your fate and drink the tea or try to make a run for it?

The tea is placed in front of you. “Could I have some sugar?” You try to buy time as your partner is now looking the other way.

Click here if you drink the tea.

Click here if you try to sneak out of the kitchen.

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