#Homebound: The Riddle Master

#Homebound: The Riddle Master
Shreya Takodara for Homegrown

You suddenly find yourself alone out on the patio. Someone is calling your name lovingly.

Is it your partner? Yes, that’s your partner’s voice.

You heave a sigh of relief knowing that they are closeby. Dusk has set in. As the voice keeps getting louder, you run faster towards your partner.

Deeper into the forest, you scramble to find your partner but don’t find them anywhere.

Suddenly, you hear some leaves crunching behind you. You look back to see a white-coloured other-worldly creature. Before you can blink in disbelief, the phantom flies and jumps upon your back. It clutches your throat and wraps itself around you.

“That was not your friend, my dear. That was Nishi, the ghost of the night. She was just bringing you to me, my love.”

Trembling in fear, you fumble “ wh... who… are you?”

“Oh, my dear sweetheart. I am Vetala – the riddle master. Now that we are here, I give you one chance to live. If you can get your wits to work for you, you live. If not, I get my dinner.”

Human memory is strange. It fires when it’s least expected to. You are suddenly taken back to when your grandmother used to tell you tales of Vetala and King Vikrama. You remember that Vetala himself needs to know the answer in order to kill you.

“Ask me,” you say in a moment of courage.

“Lovely…! Your blood runs cold but valour gleans bold.

Humour Me:

“A barber shaves all and only those who don’t shave themselves. Does the barber shave himself?”

Click here, if you think the answer is yes.

Click here, if you think Vetala does not have an answer himself.

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