#HGExclusive Release: A Sense Of Pippin’s Original ‘Stop’ Mix

#HGExclusive Release: A Sense Of Pippin’s Original ‘Stop’ Mix

I. Sight: 

What image does this mix conjure up in your mind?

II. Sound: 

If there was any one sound/ sample that's special to you through the mix, tell us here.

III. Touch: 

What texture comes to mind when you hear this mix, that you might like to touch?

Touch heads, touch thoughts. And touch skin.

IV. Smell: 

What fragrance do you imagine would go well with it?

V. Taste: 

What would you like to eat while listening to this? 


Describe the mood of the mix to us. Either the one you were in while making it, or the one it puts you in now?

Here's the set:
And here’s the track list:
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