Homegrown Fashion Labels Leading The Indian Hemp Revolution

Homegrown Fashion Labels Leading The Indian Hemp Revolution
(L):B Label; (R): Hemis Store

There’s absolutely no doubt about it, that for the past decade now, Hemp has been the new wonder kid on the market. It’s sustainable, functional and has brilliant longevity, so what’s not to love about it? No wonder many new-age Indian fashion and lifestyle labels as well as hemp-forward brands have jumped on the wagon and embraced it as they center their collections on hemp.

We love everything about hemp and how it is revolutionizing the way we look at sustainable clothing, so here’s our pick of hemp fashion brands that we love and think you will too.

Aslee a hemp and bamboo fashion and homeware brand
Aslee a hemp and bamboo fashion and homeware brand
Image Courtesy: Aslee

I. Aslee

Aslee, a hemp and bamboo fashion and homeware brand, is proving this point with their ‘ecologically responsible fabrics, sourced locally to empower communities and save Himalayan diversity’. Founded in 2017 by Zoya Wahi and Nitij Singh, the brand provides home essentials such as towels to apparel such as socks. Their men’s and women’s wear range has something to offer everyone. The fabric used by them comes from locally grown bamboo, hemp, and nettle (also known as bicchu booti). Championing eco-consciousness with an inclusive sense of awareness, this homegrown brand ticks all our boxes.

Find Aslee here.

B Label India’s first sustainable hemp fashion and lifestyle brand
B Label India’s first sustainable hemp fashion and lifestyle brand
Image Courtesy: B Label

II. B Label

If you want to join the all-natural culture, B Label does fashionable attire that is future-forward. With a source-to-consumer ecosystem that is responsible, transparent, and ethical with minimal social and environmental impact; at the core of their sustainable fashion and lifestyle products is hemp. Claiming to be India’s first sustainable hemp fashion and lifestyle brand, they have been in the business since 2015 and were BOHECO’s first consumer-facing venture that began with a classic white shirt.

Find B Label here.

III. Bhu:Sattva

A Gujarat-based organic clothing brand that makes use of a variety of sustainable fibres including hemp, Bhu:Sattva’s core philosophy works in the opposite direction as that of fast fashion. Known for its vibrant colours that seem to be oozing out of nature’s offerings like beetroots, pomegranate, tree leaves etc., Bhu:Sattva’s designs are timeless and deeply rooted in the Indian ethos. Known for its smart cuts, vibrant colours, and eclectic designs, Bhu:Sattva is one of the few hemp-using organic brands in the country that has been around for almost a decade.

You can view their collection here.

IV. ItsHemp

Apparel, food, accessories, gifts, furnishing, wellness products —— ItsHemp has got it all. They even offer subscription-based purchases of products such as oils and powders. Apart from great products, you can also educate yourself about the cannabis plant and hemp and where it stands in India. They even have a hemp starter kit for those who are just venturing into this sphere.

Look at ItsHemp here.

Hemis homegrown fashion label using hemp
Hemis homegrown fashion label using hemp
Image Courtesy: Hemis Store

V. Hemis

Going past just skin and personal care products, Hemis ventures into lifestyle products such as apparel, accessories, furnishing, footwear and stationery. Their products use raw materials that are ‘responsibly sourced, earth-friendly and completely organic’. Making ‘slow living’ reality with a range of hemp and vegan products, Hemis is a one-stop-shop for any hemp products you might need.

Not only does Hemis provide guaranteed quality, but it also does not compromise on the design and style in any way. All products are sleek, appealing, and attractive, and tick all the sustainability boxes too.

Find Hemis here.

VI. Hemp Republic

Having chosen to be a part of the nationwide hemp revolution, Hemp Republic caters to a variety of consumers across India. The company is based in Telangana and manufactures hemp fabrics, paper, yarn, and more. All of their products are made in India and are Fairtrade certified among other accreditations.

Find Hemp Republic here.

Slow Jeans world’s first pairs of jeans made from Himalayan hemp
Slow Jeans world’s first pairs of jeans made from Himalayan hemp
Image Courtesy: Slow Jeans by Canvaloop

VII. Slow Jeans by Canvaloop

In 2016, Shreyans Kokra, whose family has been in the synthetic textiles business for over 40 years, started a brand called Canvaloop in order to promote slow, sustainable fashion through Himalayan hemp clothing which has a longer shelf life and can be reused and recycled multiple times. Slow Jeans are the world’s first pairs of jeans made from Himalayan hemp. Manufacturing Slow Jeans made from Himalayan hemp saves 3,600 litres of water per pair of jeans. They are also much more durable than a normal pair of jeans and keep bacteria away, thanks to their anti-microbial properties. A brilliant development in slow fashion, this is an alternative brand that is far more sustainable in terms of the amount of natural resources used, as well as the length of time that clothes made of sustainable fibres can last.

Find Slow Jeans here.

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