Homegrown Hip Hop Playlist; Get Ready For Tonight

Homegrown Hip Hop Playlist; Get Ready For Tonight

“If you don’t know, now you know.” 

After an off the hook ‘90s party party last month, we decided it was time to step it up a notch with our exclusive #HipHopEdition party in association with REPEAT whiskey ! It’s all about street style today with big chains, low riders and puff puff pass.

Now we know nothing sets the vibe right like some killer hip-hop beats that have stood the test of time.And to ensure a good time, we decided to crowdsource a playlist by a group of people we trust to have an especially good ear when it comes to this genre.For their all-time favourite Hip-Hop track, scroll on to get yourself pumped up because tonight it’s going down.

I. Bob OmuloSong: All The Way Up by Fat Joe & Remy Ma Ft. French Montana & Infrared.

“Although my best bangers are always old school, this new joint is proof of the certified ‘anthem king’ that Fat Joe is. Over two decades in the game and he still goes hard, leaving us with infectious reverberations in our ears whenever he decides to. still the New Yorker, still as hardcore as he always was, never switching to sound like the latest fad, this one will still be hot years from now.”

II. DJ IshaniSong: I Can by Nas

“Nas is an undisputed legend in Hip hop. Even just being relevant after a decade is legendary, but Nas has been around for over two decades and is still respected by the most thoroughbred of new school heads. It’s women’s empowerment season -- Beyoncé, Hillary, Ghostbusters, so I think this classic record is ready for a dusting.”

III. Kumail HamidSong: Green Light by Jonwayne & Anderson Paak

“I love these guys. Jonwayne is one of the most underrated dudes in the hip-hop scene and Anderson Paak is going to be one of the best. Stones Throw knows wassup.”

IV. Naved Shaikh AKA NaezySong: Who Shot Ya by Biggie Smalls

“I love this song because it bangs hard and I love the east coast rap, gangsta rap and biggie. I love his voice and the way he delivers his rhymes.”

V. Prabh Deep SagarSong: Alright by Kendrick Lamar

“I like this song so much because I keep my head up whenever I listen to this. Inspiring.”

VI. Priya Lisa GonsalvesSong: Millionaire by Kelis Ft. Andre 3000

“I love Andre’s verse and just the overall sound of the song. It’s nostalgic for me and the video is really cute too with the kids in it. But yeah I love that song.”

VII. Raffael Kably AKA DJ Chetta SleazeSong: The Message by  Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

“There’s so much to be said about this tune. Without it socially conscious rappers like 2pac and Nas probably wouldn’t have been around. Released in ‘82 and still fresh. It’s the highest ranking hip hop number in Rolling Stones’ 500 Greatest Songs of ALL Time. This track brought the use of loops, synthesizers and tight funky guitar licks to the limelight. I think it’s safe to say that we wouldn’t be bumpin’ to beats and listening to rap if this track hadn’t paved the way for it. Again, it was written in 1982 and you can still jam to it today! How’s that for timeless.”

VIII. DJ SaSong: No Problem by Chance the rapper ft 2 chainz & Lil Wayne

“Just love the whole new album by chance (coloring book) , it’s fresh and with a completely new sound and vibe and the chorus is so addictive and to top that 2 chainz and Wayne take a notch higher.”

IX. Sid VashiSong: The What by Biggie Ft. Method Man

“Don’t listen to anyone who says they only listen to ‘real’ hip hop. These people are Satan. With that said, this is probably the kind of music they’re talking about. No frills, just dope beats and clever bars. To a 10 year old Sid Vashi, this song was the most futuristic space-age gangsta shit out there, mostly because of easy mo bees forward thinking production and method man’s buttery flow. It’s a damn near perfect song, and even though my palate has expanded quite a bit since then, It’ll always have a special place in my heart.”

X. Tej BrarSong: The What by Biggie & Method Man

“Two of New York’s greatest of all time going at it on the same tune. The beat is laid back like most of the hip-hop I listen to, but lyrically this track is hard as they come. Some seriously classic lines on this one.”

XI. Vivian DivineSong: Hail Mary by Tupac

“This has to be one of favourite hip Hop songs. It was the first ever song that send chills down my spine maybe cause it was the way Pac expressed himself ...so real.”

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