Casa Bacardi Halloween
Casa Bacardi Halloween Homegrown

Mumbai, Homegrown Is Back With The Biggest Halloween Party This Season

There's nothing quite like Halloween. There's candy, costumes, masks, weird chanting, blood, gore, and the ceaseless voices that demand a ritual sacrifice. Okay, maybe that last one's just me but for my editor's sake let's also pretend I'm 'joking'.

In India, Halloween's become synonymous with a night of unbridled revelry and an opportunity for every other person you know to dress up in that one costume you know is going to be worn to death. This year it's probably going to be Barbie and Ken with a heaping of edgelord Oppenheimers. While this is a huge win for Matchbox 20 and Deftones enthusiasts, may god help the rest of us.

Luckily, hackneyed costumes are a fraction of what makes Halloween a special time of year and no one knows Halloween like Homegrown. This year, we're bringing you, a bone-chilling space where you can let go of all your inhibitions, partake in forbidden play to your heart's content over an 8-hour evening to late-night Halloween experience at the Great Eastern Mills.

A first of it's kind experience in Mumbai, this multi-warehouse takeover will see:

  • Immersive Rooms

  • 10 + Performances x 3 Stages 

  • Exclusive Drops 

  • Evening Workshops

  • & More

You can buy your tickets here.

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